Ethan Explains First Presidential Debate

The first presidential “debate” is tonight! Donald J. Trump will “debate” Sec. Hillary R. Clinton with Lester Holt moderating.

I use quotes around the word debate, because these aren’t really debates with rules that are followed. No microphone gets turned off when someone goes over time, for example.

Will anything about the “debate” change your mind? Or are these just publicity stunts now where each side will cherry pick what their candidate said while viciously attacking the opposing candidate? And they will all claim poor Lester Holt didn’t do a good enough job?

BTW, where is Governor Gary Johnson and why isn’t he going to be on stage? I think any candidate polling higher than 5% should be included in the debates. That’s the only way we’ll get viable third parties in this country. We really do need more than the broken duopoly which provides us what I think of as a false dichotomy of D versus R.

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Ethan Explains Police Shooting Videos

Ethan Explains Police Shooting Videos

The question of police body cameras continues to grow in importance. They are an important tool for both the police and the public in getting the record straight in ALL interactions between us.

Now with the shootings in Tulsa and Charlotte, the failure of our government to ensure openness and accountability is in focus. In Tulsa, they released the videos and while we may disagree on what exactly they tell us, we have a much better idea. And guess what? No riots.

In Charlotte the North Carolina state legislature passed a law limiting the video release only by court order. So, we have two totally different accounts of what transpired. And riots have ensued alongside the peaceful, legal, protests.

We must demand that all police body cam video be escrowed by a third-party so nobody can delete what they don’t want us to see. Body cams shouldn’t be able to be deactivated when on-duty. And there needs to be rules and regulations in place when we fund body cameras to ensure their proper release to We The People.

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Ethan Explains Heroin Epidemic Week

The President has called this week Prescription Opioid and Heroin Epidemic Awareness Week. This is a national scourge that needs to end.

It begins by never doing it in the first place. There is nothing cool, sexy, or interesting about shoving a needle full of heroin into your arm. It ruins your body, your relationships, and your life.
And, if you share your needle with another person, you risk getting Hepatitis C and HIV. Diseases that should be gone, but because of unprotected sex and needle sharing, they continues to hospitalize and kill far too many people.

And on top of it all, there is a serious problem in places like Santa Cruz, California where not only is heroin killing people, the heroin addicts are leaving their used needles around town. In parks, on the beach, and elsewhere, unsuspecting people including children are getting stuck by the used needles, requiring expensive medical procedures because of the potential for contracting the aforementioned diseases.

Please stop glamorizing the opium poppy based drugs. Lets end the opioid and heroin epidemic.

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Ethan Explains Sugar Lies

Ethan Explains Sugar Lies

We do love our sugar. It’s in everything on the grocery store shelf now. Time to dial that back!

Now we find out that the sugar industry paid two Harvard researchers back in the 1960s. These payments caused them to change their findings from sugar causes cardiovascular disease to fat causes cardiovascular disease.

That’s right! Researchers at the UCSF School of Medicine published their findings yesterday in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). We’ve been lied to for decades harming our health and likely killing many Americans.

It’s time to cut way back on your sugar consumption. Follow some of my recipes for a healthy way to make delicious sweets and start reading labels looking out for sugar, corn sugar, corn syrup, and high fructose corn syrup. There is no need to completely eliminate sugar, but there is a definite need to cut way back. Now.

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Ethan Explains Hillary Health

Ethan Explains Hillary Health

According to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton’s physician, she has pneumonia. This announcement came hours after she disappeared from the 9/11 memorial event in New York City.

The only reason we know about this is a private citizen captured video that none of the press corps bothered to film. The video appears to show her passing out as she is supported by Secret Service personnel and moved into a van.

None of this would be as big of a deal if her entire campaign wasn’t one of secrecy and obfuscation. Now it is a much bigger deal than it might have been if she would be forthright and honest in her dealings with We The People.

Further, with her millions of dollars available it appears she doesn’t have someone helping her get exercise five days per week, as evidenced by her weight gain. One need only look at her pictures from the 1990s and compare them to today to see how much she has gained. And even more, where is the nutritionist to ensure she eats nutrient dense foods at every meal and cut out the simple carbohydrates? Proper diet and exercise would help her body cope with the massive stress of a presidential campaign and her incredible schedule.

Not that diet and exercise will prevent pneumonia, which kills over 53,000 people per year according to the CDC. But they sure help to keep the immune system stronger and a healthy person generally makes for a quicker recovery.

I do wish Secretary Clinton a full and speedy recovery.

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Ethan Explains 9/11 Commercialization

It was fifteen years ago that we were viciously attacked by homicidal, Islamic trivialists. They are hell-bent on destroying our way of life and killed over 3,000 people that day. We must never forget that day and its meaning.

Now, I am one who doesn’t normally complain about commercialization. However, this year it appears some retailers are trying to turn 9/11 into Memorial Day or Labor Day with sales. Those attempts are wrong, gross, and vile.

These are just a couple of examples. There is a Wal-Mart in Florida stacked their Coke products like the twin towers for a sale, a mattress store in San Antonio stacked mattresses like the twin towers in their two for one sale, and I’m sure there are others.

9/11 is a somber holiday to remember those lost, why we were attacked, and why we must remain the beacon of liberty is NOT the day to commercialize. Don’t you think?

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EDIT 9/9/16 10:33 PDT – If you are wondering about the word “trivialists”: Pastor Rene Schlaepfer from Twin Lakes Church used that term on my KGO 810 show in reference to religious “extremists”. He said they aren’t extremists, they are trivialists because they focus on trivia in the religious texts, not the big picture message of love.

Ethan Explains Killing Cancer

Ethan Explains Killing Cancer

What are the best approaches for killing cancer? We all want to destroy this scourge and Vice President Joe Biden is leading a “moonshot” to get it.

But where she we focus and how much money should we spend? It’s always about the money. Which leads me to “pinkwashing.” The phenomenon every October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month when everything is pink. But how much of that fundraised money goes to research and treatment? Not enough.

Further, now we have conflicting information on mammograms and when they should be done.

I suggest we need to focus more on WHY we have such high rates of cancer to prevent it in the first place, and that doesn’t just mean slather on toxic sunscreens.

The second prong is treatment and I think the “moonshot” has it right by focusing on DNA and immunotherapy.

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Ethan Explains Corrupt Politics

Ethan Explains Corrupt Politics

We are in full swing of the election season and the headlines continue to highlight mostly Clinton scandals plus now the latest Trump scandal in Florida. That’s right, Donald Trump apparently gave money improperly to the Attorney General of Florida, at least according to CNN and others.

Money corrupts just like power corrupts. Yet I keep hearing that your beloved corrupt politician is okay because he or she is better than the other. NO! Corruption is wrong and we need to stop voting for people who we know are corrupt. That is the only way to begin righting our system back in favor of We The People.

But Citizens United is the problem, you say. Yes, that is true. As is the stranglehold unions have because they spend union dues on buying influence. I suggest that only individuals with a social security number, legal citizens, should be allowed to contribute to political campaigns.

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Ethan Explains Space Race Problem

Ethan Explains Space Race Problem

So many of us have dreamt of going into space. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Paul Allen are all in the private space race game as it is no longer exclusively the domain of government entities. Yesterday, Musk’s SpaceX suffered a big setback with the massive explosion of one of its rockets yesterday in Florida. Worse yet, it had a Facebook Internet satellite payload on it, which perished atop the rocket.

Since rockets are just massive explosions that we attempt to harness and direct, why are we still using them as propulsion into space? Why aren’t these billionaire pioneers moving away from that 20th century technology? Especially since it is obviously and inherently dangerous. Why not work on developing the 21st century space elevator using cutting-edge materials like the breakthrough futuristic material graphene?

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Ethan Explains EpiPen Hypocrisy

Ethan Explains EpiPen Hypocrisy

Mylan, the maker of the life saving EpiPen, has jacked the price from $100 per pair to over $500 per pair. Yes, the EpiPen that people with severe allergies must carry and change out once per year if not used.

The problem is the CEO, Heather Bresch, got a nice salary raise from just over $2 million per year to $18 million per year in that same time.

Further, she is the daughter of Democrat Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia.

Do as I say, not as I do. And now Mylan is backpedaling.

Our leaders are ripping us off and not leading by example. This is just the latest outrage.

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