Gluten free, low carb, keto, sugar cookies

Gluten free, low carb, keto, sugar cookies out of the oven


The search for the perfect cookie continues. You’ve seen my Lower Carb, Lower Glycemic, Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies and Better Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Lower Carb, Lower Glycemic, Gluten-Free. And now sugar cookies!

I was asked to make a sugar cookie and here it is. Delicious, nutritious, gluten free, really low carb which is great for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics, those on keto diets, and for everyone who is looking to intelligently reduce their sugar intake!

Further, these are the perfect vehicle for my butterscotch icing, another frosting I am working on, or anything else you’d like to top with.

This recipe makes about 32 sugar cookies and takes about a half hour to make.



Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Then mix all the ingredients in a countertop mixer (like my KitchenAid KSM75WH Classic Plus Series 4.5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, White from Amazon). I use a small spoon to place dollops of the dough on a cookie sheet. Bake for 15-18 minutes until brown on the edges (or as you like) then take out of the oven. Place the cookies on a cooling rack for a few minutes and enjoy these healthy sugar cookies!

Gluten free, low carb, keto, sugar cookies raw

Nutrition Info

From MyFitnessPal:

Ingredients Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
Tgs Whey Protein – Whey Protein Unflavored, 5.67 Scoop 709 9 11 142 312 9
Anthony’s – Blanched Almond Flour, 6 ounce 1,004 32 90 37 34 9
Baker Joseph’s (Trader Joe’s) – Organic Coconut Flour, 0.25 Cup 150 21 5 6 70 2
Walnuts – Walnuts (Raw), 0.5 cup(s) 384 6 37 15 8 1
Organic Valley – Organic Pasture Butter, 8 Tbsp (14g) 40 1 4 1 10 1
Organic Valley – half & half, 2 Tbsp (14g) 880 0 96 0 280 0
365 – Baking Soda, 0.25 tsg (.6g) 0 0 0 0 320 0
Organic Valley – Eggs Brown Large Organic, 1 egg 60 0 4 6 70 0
Left Coast Performance – 100% Pure Mct Oil, 2 tablespoon 252 0 28 0 0 0
365 – Vanilla Extract, Organic, 1 tsp (4g) 6 1 0 0 0 1
Dolcedi – Organic Apple Sweetner, 6 tsp 72 18 0 0 0 17
Lakanto – Monkfruit Sweetener, 0.25 cup(s) 0 48 (0) 0 0 0 0
Total: 3,557 136 (88) 275 207 1,104 40
Per Serving: 111 4 (3) 8 6 34 1

Parenthesis indicate deduction for Lakanto erythritol which provides no useable carbs to your system. The carbs listed are the sugar alcohols in erythritol.


Highlight Clip From FBN – Trump Fascism

This is a little clip from my Fox Business Channel Intelligence Report with Trish Regan appearance on January 4, 2017. My co-panelist is from Representative and talk radio Joe Walsh. I am commenting on a video from Hollywood celebrities who argue for the legislative branch to fight President-elect Donald J. Trump and his agenda.

Fox Business Network – GOP Obamacare

Why the GOP needs to quickly replace Obamacare

Radio talk show host Ethan Bearman, former New York Lieutenant Governor Betsy McCaughey (R), and former Rep. Joe Walsh on why Obamacare has failed and needs to be replaced.

Jan. 04, 2017 – 6:22 – Radio talk show host Ethan Bearman, former New York Lieutenant Governor Betsy McCaughey (R), and former Rep. Joe Walsh on why Obamacare has failed and needs to be replaced.

Fox Business Network – US UN Israel Resolution

My last television appearance of 2016! I joined Trish Regan on Fox Business Network’s The Intelligence Report, Thursday, December 29th. We discussed the Obama administration’s attitude toward Israel in light of the abstention by the U.S. at the United Nations Security Council. Plus, how will Donald Trump do as President regarding Israel?

CNN and CNN International Newsroom – UN Israel Vote

I joined CNN and CNN International Newsroom on Wednesday night (Pacific Time)/ Thursday morning to the east – 12/29/2016

We discussed my take on the upcoming Trump presidency, the UN vote with US abstention on the Israel settlement topic.

Fox News Happening Now Appearance – Affordable Care Act


I joined Fox News Channel’s Happening Now on Wednesday, December 28, 2016 to discuss the state of health care and the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare.

Plus, why should the Democrats behave any differently than the Republicans for the last 8 years in opposition to Obama. It worked, didn’t it? I mean the GOP took has control of both the legislative and executive branches now.

I Won’t Get In Line

I Won't Get In Line ©2016 Ethan Bearman

I Won’t Get In Line

“Hey, just give him a chance — he’s our President-elect.” True, Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States on January 20, 2017. No, I won’t just get in line behind him.

Sorry, President-elect Trump supporters and those on the other side so quick move on, when you’ve been attacked the way I have in the vilest terms, with threats of violence and even death, when told that all my family should have died in the Nazi concentration camps, I hesitate to just “give him a chance.” Instead, I’ll warily watch his words and actions, because what I’ve seen of president-elect Trump thus far calls on my better judgement to do so.

At no other time in my public life have I received this kind of disgusting, degenerate, and hateful language for (calmly and civilly) opposing a candidate. All fanned by the flames from Stephen Bannon, under whose tutelage Breitbart became home to the alt-right and white nationalists while singing the praises of then candidate Trump.

What makes this so despicable is that I’ve heard these stories before.

I grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis. A pleasant metro area consistently ranked as a great place to live.

However, there are deep, dark shadows of a horrible, not-too-distant past. The most virulent Jew hating group of its time, the Silver Shirts, arose from hatred of the isolationist-era, late 1920s there. Jews were barred from parts of town, Jews were blocked from being on bank boards, Jews couldn’t join the automobile association or the country clubs. I heard these stories from my parents and grandparents and then read about it as I got older. Frighteningly, some of those restrictions lived into the 1970s.

It wasn’t until people like my great-grandfather helped support a man who wanted to right past wrongs.  A great leader out of the white, Scandinavian-worked fields of Minnesota, was elected Mayor of Minneapolis in 1944. His name was Hubert Humphrey. He knew abusing the Jews out of xenophobia and hatred was wrong. And he lead the way forward out of that dark period.

This is why I’ve castigated Trump for picking Bannon as a senior advisor. Now more than ever, this is the time to come together, while appreciating our differences, and build sturdy bridges to cross our divides. It begins at the top.

Presently, I see Jewish friends defending Bannon as not being anti-Jewish because Jews worked for him at Breitbart. So what?

Maybe, Bannon is shrewd enough to realize that open Jew hatred in business today would isolate and affect his bottom line.

There is always the theory of multiple ethical selves which could be at play in Bannon’s case. This is a concept from the worlds of ethics and philosophy where we operate by different ethical rules in different situations. At home a person might be a loving parent and husband, but at work that same man is cold and ruthless. So, a spouse might find the husband to be supportive and warm, while his co-worker despises his brutal nature. I suspect the Jews who worked with Bannon saw his “friendly to Jews” ethical self. While the rest of us have seen his dark side.

Fanning the flames of hatred, xenophobia, and misogyny is as bad as committing actual acts based on those thoughts and feelings. As an analogy, that’s why our criminal justice system finds that ordering someone to kill another will convict both the killer and the boss of homicide.

While Bannon has the ear of the soon-to-be president, I will not stop speaking out against the hatred. No. I won’t be quiet. I won’t get in line.

While I appreciate what President-elect Trump said to Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes right after the election, imploring his fans to stop harassing people, this is merely a start, not an end. If he is serious about the damage and hurt to minorities in the United States, he’ll dump Bannon and apologize for his hateful rhetoric during the campaign.

I will acknowledge if Trump creates, signs, initiates, or changes something for the better. But no, I will not automatically fall in line behind him after 15 months of unapologetic slurs alongside fueling all kinds of hatred, followed by filling key positions in the White House with people like Bannon.

For those who want to ignore the language from the election season and say, “move on”, the ends do NOT justify the means (winning the presidency). The damage is done. To lead all of We The People, President-elect Trump needs to apologize for the hatred, the harsh words, the mockery, the insults, and bring that apology to life by distancing himself from those who are well known to sow the seeds of hatred and bigotry.

Only then will I get in line.

NOTE: In light of the horrific, anti-Jewish, anti-Israel United Nations resolution abstained by the Obama administration, I am positive that President Trump will be a better friend to Israel. However, I am a U.S.-born citizen and my concern is foremost here at home.

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FNC America’s News HQ 12/18/16

Today I had the pleasure of joining host Leland Vittert on Fox News Channel’s America’s News Headquarters.

We discussed Twitter diplomacy, China and Russia hacking, plus Trump’s cabinet picks so far. My fellow panelist was Talk Radio Host Mark Levine.