New Show On KGO AM 810


Starting Sunday, March 23, 2014, you can hear Ethan Bearman every week from 10 am to 1 pm Pacific time on the 50,000 watt transmitters of the legendary KGO AM 810 radio. This show is in addition to the others you can hear Ethan regularly. For a complete listing, please click HERE

UPDATE April 5, 2016

New weekday show on KGO announced!!!


4 thoughts on “New Show On KGO AM 810

  1. Hi Ethan – Is the KGO show going to be the syndicated show from KSCO or its own individual show? Please advise & Congrats!

  2. Your presence at KGO will bring a refreshing touch to a station that I used to listen to since the mid 70s. Please don’t let any of the other hosts convert you to their ideology! The only person that I listen to at KGO after the firing of most of their talented, knowledgeable hosts is Maureen Langley on Sunday nights.

    You bet I will be listening to you tomorrow on KGO, as I do on KSCO every week day that you are hosting, and your online syndicated show on Sundays. Bravo to you!