Ethan Explains Olympic Mess

Ethan Explains Olympic Mess

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games have started in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and they appear to be an Olympic Mess.

Depending on your source, the government there spent between $12 billion and $14.4 billion in a country with severe poverty, crime, zika virus, bad water making swimmers sick, and more.

Yes, Brazil is a beautiful country with wonderful people, but this is not the right approach without an economic return to the people. And it’s particularly wrong when the top officials are raking in the cash while the athletes struggle to make it. This is just another example of the wealthy elite cashing in on the hard work of others.

From The Washington Post:

At the very top of “the Movement” sits the International Olympic Committee, a nonprofit run by a “volunteer” president who gets an annual “allowance” of $251,000 and lives rent-free in a five-star hotel and spa in Switzerland.

At the very bottom of “the Movement” — beneath the IOC members who travel first-class and get paid thousands of dollars just to attend the Olympics, beneath the executives who make hundreds of thousands to organize the Games, beneath the international sports federations, the national sport federations and the national Olympic committees and all of their employees — are the actual athletes whose moments of triumph and pain will flicker on television screens around the globe starting Friday.

But by the time that flood of cash flows through the Movement and reaches the athletes, barely a trickle remains, often a few thousand dollars at most. For members of Team USA — many of whom live meagerly off the largesse of friends and family, charity, and public assistance — the biggest tangible reward they’ll receive for making it to Rio will be two suitcases full of free Nike and Ralph Lauren clothing they are required to wear at all team events.

Should we just make a single place be the site of the summer games and another place the on-going host of the winter games?

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Ethan Explains Believe Trump

Ethan Explains Believe Trump

Republican Presidential nominee and billionaire businessman Donald J. Trump continues to make outrageous statements on the campaign trail. He, his campaign, and his surrogates spend days per incident clarifying or explaining away the statements.

It seems like he can’t control himself. And if he would contain himself, the news cycle might actually help him do better instead of what appears to be a continuing downward trend in his numbers. Which of course us #NeverTrump people are happy to see.

Should you believe Trump and how do you think that makes business owners, allies, and enemies feel about the state of things should he be elected?

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Ethan Explains TSA Problems

Ethan Explains TSA Problems

You’ll want to watch this video to the end for a surprise!
Did you like to be legally groped at the airport by people? How about by who apparently can’t be fired because of their union while not demonstrably stopping terrorists, failing audits of their security process, and all in the name of security for $7.55 billion per year?

While I understand we need airport security, the hastily assembled Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is emblematic of the problem with government scrambling to assuage the fears of a traumatized public. Granted like most professions and agencies the majority of the workers are doing their best to do the job at hand. But, like we see too often the bad apples are not thrown out and the administration is never held to account.

The TSA does like to tout how many weapons have been stopped from going on-board an aircraft while never tying those verboten items with an actual or intended terrorist. Furthermore, like almost every government agency not fulfilling public expectations, they claim to review structure and processes yet everything requires a bunch more money from you and me,

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Ethan on FNC Election HQ ISIS Jihad during DNC

Ethan on Fox News Channel Election Headquarters ISIS Jihad during DNC

I joined Fox News America’s Election HQ in the early hours of July 27, 2016. The topic was the Democrats not talking about national security and the terror threat during the convention in Philadelphia thus far. I said that we need to prevent the moving story of Lauren Manning on 9/11/2001 and how then Senator Hillary Clinton came to visit her in the hospital.

We need to recognize and directly address that the jihadis are busy attacking Israel, Germany, France, and the USA with machetes, axes, bombs, and trucks.

All while Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson is busy calling Israeli Jews “termites” enabling the jihadis in their quest to kill by dehumanizing, and the lack of censure from the party for his heinous remarks. Also, the Democrats used to side with the Jews and Israel and now side with pro-terror groups on US college campuses leading to an increase in attacks on Jewish students right here in the USA.

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Ethan Explains 1st Night DNC Fact Check

The first night of the DNC convention in Philadelphia, PA is done. The fact checkers at PolitiFact have had time to review and are saying the Democrats (and Republicans commenting) made true or mostly true statements, except Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. This might be a first that the politicians all said mostly true things.

And First Lady Of The United States, Michelle Obama, gave a stirring and emotional speech, the best of the day by far. She has a future in either politics or speechmaking, or both like the Clintons.

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Ethan Explains DNC Email Scandal

Ethan Explains DNC Email Scandal

Did you realize House of Cards was a documentary? Now we have the Democratic National Committee email scandal to add to the “reality” list.

WikiLeaks published the emails that suspected Russian hacker Guccifer 2.0 scraped from the Democratic National Committee and the implications are huge. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz has already announced her resignation with Hillary Rodham Clinton announcing that Rep. Schultz is hired for her campaign.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz herself called Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver a “damn liar”, the DNC coordinated spying on the Sanders campaign, the DNC conspired to use Senator Sanders’ religion against him, and on and on.

I am curious what federal election laws were broken, if any. And if there were any other applicable fraud and misrepresentation that applies for DNC donors.

What Next

The Republican Party is in disarray because a Democrat, New York billionaire with little understanding of the Constitution while exhibiting xenophobic and autocratic tendencies is their nominee for President.

The Democratic Party is in disarray because the head of the party rigged the primary for a Wall Street bought, House of Cards inspiring, national security secrets revealing candidate who is so rich from “speaking fees” she can’t possibly relate to the average American as their nominee.

Are you ready to empower a third party candidate and break the broken duopoly or do you think it better to keep what we have going?

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Ethan Explains Status Quo or Strongman

Status Quo or Strongman

Donald J. Trump gave his crowning speech last night at the Republican Convention in Cleveland. Are you ready for Mr. Trump who gave no indication he understands the 3 branches of government and their function, or the status quo of corruption and tone deaf political elite in Mrs. Clinton, or a third party like Gov. Johnson or Dr. Stein?

I give Mr. Trump credit for bucking the official Republican Party platform and specifically reaching out to the LGBTQ community and promising to protect them. About time a Republican stood up for our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children, and neighbors.

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Ethan Explains Elon Musk Master Plan 2.0

Elon Musk Master Plan 2.0

Yesterday Elon Musk released Master Plan Part Deux for Tesla. No question the man is a visionary building on the intersection of science fiction possibilities and technological innovation. However, the devil is in the details.

The plan appears to confirm some of what I wrote a few years ago in my article, “Why Elon Musk is a Poor Person’s Worst Nightmare” and in chapter four of my book Liars & Whores: How Big Government and Big Business Are Working to Save Their Own Assets, Not Yours

His plan appears to need massive funding, in which he relies heavily on public subsidies. We know this partially because of the discontent over the Tesla Motors acquisition of SolarCity. We also know this because according to the Los Angeles Times, as of one year ago was over $4.9 billion, so the number continues to climb as we subsidize his cars for the wealthy, the solar panels SolarCity installs through tax and ratepayer subsidies, the cap and trade system in California, and the subsidies for his businesses (see Nevada and the Gigafactory).

While he is a brilliant engineer and the cars are amazingly cool, he isn’t succeeding without you and me subsidizing his businesses and thus him. And now his plan does not include a car for the masses, instead he wants you to ride his new electric mini-bus. If we are going to subsidize him, shouldn’t he focus on a product for all of us and not just wealthy homeowners?

What do you think?

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Ethan Explains Twitter Censorship

Twitter Censorship

Wouldn’t it be nice to silence those who say thinks you disagree with or find repugnant, or is that censorship? Twitter just shut down Milo Yiannopoulous, a gay conservative provocateur, because he wrote an unkind statement about Leslie Jones in the new Ghostbusters movie. His followers then took to Twitter and said the most hateful, vile, and racist things to Leslie.

Milo didn’t, his followers did. Twitter should have shut down the accounts sending the horrible messages unless Milo specifically called for vile, hate speech to be sent to Leslie Jones.

Does that mean Donald J. Trump should be shutdown because his followers send me vile, hateful messages or what about what his followers sent Julia Ioffe after she profiled Melania in GQ Magazine?

Take a look at the Twitter rules:

Any accounts and related accounts engaging in the activities specified below may be temporarily locked and/or subject to permanent suspension.

  • Violent threats (direct or indirect): You may not make threats of violence or promote violence, including threatening or promoting terrorism. 
  • Harassment: You may not incite or engage in the targeted abuse or harassment of others. Some of the factors that we may consider when evaluating abusive behavior include:
    • if a primary purpose of the reported account is to harass or send abusive messages to others;
    • if the reported behavior is one-sided or includes threats;
    • if the reported account is inciting others to harass another account; and
    • if the reported account is sending harassing messages to an account from multiple accounts.
  • Hateful conduct: You may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease. We also do not allow accounts whose primary purpose is inciting harm towards others on the basis of these categories. 

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Ethan Explains Republican Black Vote

shutterstock_450008254 Black and white hands in heart shape, interracial friendship

I’ve been interviewing many people on KGO 810 regarding racism and police shootings including Dr. Clarence B. Jones, Lt. Randy L. Sutton, Jane Elliott, and more. I’m convinced my Republican friends are stuck with 1% support from the African-American community because of their outright denial of racism in America today and going out of their way to call Black Lives Matter a terrorist group.

Watch the video below and tell me what do you think?

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