Don’t Steal In Iran

Iran Finger Amputation Machine
Thief About To Lose A Finger

Never wanting to lose a chance to combine the 21st century with the 7th century, the Islamic Republic of Iran has developed a machine for chopping off the finger of a thief.

And I thought the guillotine was the ultimate cutting device. My imagination just doesn’t stretch far enough in how many ways to barbarically punish people.

The photo above is from an official press release in Iran (there are more disturbing photos HERE) regarding this thief and adulterer. In addition to losing a finger, he received 99 lashes with a whip.

More disturbing trends from a country where apostasy (conversion from Islam) is a crime, stoning is enshrined in law and lashings are required for women judged “immodest.” Yet, the United Nations elected Iran to a four-year seat on the Commission on Women’s Rights.

Let this be a reminder to us in the West the dangers of a theocracy.

Taking Over The Microphone At KSCO

KSCO AM 1080I have the pleasure of taking the reins of the microphone on Tuesdays at KSCO AM 1080 from noon to 2 p.m. Pacific Time! Listen online at

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Talkers Covers The Ethan Bearman Show

TalkersLast night I interviewed Jonathan Miller, co-founder of No Labels, a.k.a The Recovering Politician, experienced politician, lawyer, and all around interesting guy. Catch it again HERE

Talkers wrote a very nice commentary on my show, The Ethan Bearman Show, the interview and where I am headed in the talk radio industry.

From Talkers: Dynamic Coast-to-Coast Conversation.  The power of issues-oriented talk radio and its unlimited positioning options were amply demonstrated this weekend as two fresh-on-the-scene mavericks hooked up on the phone and showed that there can be more to this medium than predictable partisan polarization.  Shown at left,GCN syndicated weekend talent Ethan Bearman, a relative newcomer to the field located in his Northern California studio yesterday, interviewing Jonathan Miller (right) in the Washington, DC offices of No Labels.  Miller, a former two-term Kentucky State Treasurer, is co-founder of the DC-based, bi-partisan political organization dedicated to finding common ground between today’s political extremes.  Their slogan is, “Stop fighting, start fixing.”  Bearman, described recently by TALKERS publisher Michael Harrison as “the Colin Kaepernick of young talk show hosts,” positions his independent brand of politics as “left, right and forward.”  His program airs live on Sundays from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm PT.  The industry should take note.


Check Out Jonathan Miller And No Labels

So much covered in last night’s show! You will want to hear it and share it, listen online or download over at the podcast site HERE.

I interviewed Jonathan Miller, co-founder of No Labels, a.k.a The Recovering Politician, experienced politician, lawyer, and all around interesting guy.

We need to support initiatives like No Labels to get our politicians to work together where there is common ground. The politicians work for us, the American people, the citizens of the United States of America and not just K Street lobbying firms.

What Did Hillary Say?

Genesis Communications Network

You want to tune in this week and hear my interview with Jonathan Miller, co-founder of No Labels. No Labels is a movement of Democrats, Republicans and everything in between dedicated to the politics of problem-solving. We stand united behind a simple proposition: we want our government to stop fighting and start fixing.

Hilary Clinton is the frontrunner for the Democrats in 2016 and finally felt well enought to testify on the Libya tragedy, Did she help or hurt her cause?

Did you hear the Obama Administration is going through with a gift of 20 F-16 fighter jets and 200 Abrams tanks to the now Muslim Brotherhood-led Egyptian military?

Boeing’s exciting new 787 Dreamliner is turning into a nightmare.

Plus your phone calls and so much more.

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When Dog Meets Skunk

Not my skunk and dog
Not my skunk and dog

Oh the stink when dogs and skunks meet!

Our dog Kiki and I recently discovered that a picture perfect skunk had made its home under our low deck. Every morning I let Kiki out in the cool mist of a California coastal early dawn. One day Kiki was standing at full attention, something was on the deck.

I flipped on the outdoor light and BAM! there was the skunk staring down Kiki. Kiki barked.

That introduction occurred several weeks ago. Then this morning, with light in the sky, I assumed it was a safe time to let Kiki out. Skunks are nocturnal creatures, after all, or so I thought.

But, much to my chagrin, Kiki bolted out the door on a mission. Growling and barking like I’ve never heard, I knew she found something. I stepped out onto the deck to see what was happening.

Lo and behold, Kiki was in an aggressive posture facing the skunk who was raised up on his or her hind legs like a grizzly bear in attack mode. I yelled for Kiki, she didn’t respond. I yelled for her to come in the most commanding voice I could summon. The skunk bolted toward the fence with our neighbors and Kiki came running into the house.

I turned and followed her in when it hit me like a wall. Kiki had been sprayed by the skunk.

Now I normally don’t mind the smell of skunks at all. But when it is fresh like that it smells like kerosene, soot, and sewage all combined. YUCK.

It was bad enough that the dog smelled but since she ran into the house upon receipt of the spray, now the house smelled. Kiki got sent into the garage and the windows to the house needed opening. At 7:00 in the morning.

I am happy to report that the smell dissipated rather quickly from the house, the skunk found his way back to his under-deck home while Kiki was in the garage, and maybe, just maybe, Kiki learned to leave the skunk alone.

By the way, skunks are crepuscular, meaning they come out around dusk and dawn. An important distinction from being purely nocturnal.

Just Say No To Campfires And Grilling


No more bonfires at the beach
No more bonfires at the beach

In the latest blow to even the most hard core, cave dwelling, stone-age-style living environmentalist, soot is now being blamed as nearly equal to carbon emissions for cranking up the thermostat on our planet.

Grilling a hamburger, enjoying a fire at the beach, cooking with something other than a solar oven, and old-style diesel engines (which are still in use outside the United States), are all perpetuating the drastic, human caused, global warming.

Really, the Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres (that is the name, I verified it) as reported by Slashgear, is claiming that new studies show soot from the aforementioned human activities have a much greater impact on global warming than previously thought. Nearly equal to that dastardly carbon.

And here I thought that cave dwelling, dead wood fuel burning, hunting and gathering was the ideal of the extremists in the environmental movement. I guess they need to reassess what the ideal really is since wood burning is now on the hit list as greatly problematic.

It seems impossible to keep track of what you can and cannot do. Let me see if I have this right. The following is a list of forbidden activities:

  • No driving a car or any transportation that isn’t exclusively solar powered since everything else creates carbon pollution
  • No heating or cooling your living or work quarters, all climate adjusting is limited to blankets, layering clothing, or hand fanning
  • No using electricity for any device unless exclusively solar powered
  • Forget all previous solar powered things since the batteries are manufactured and transported by a carbon and soot spewing manufacturing and logistics chain
  • No burning wood since the soot and carbon are a one-two punch of greenhouse evil
  • No grilling a burger or vegetable since the soot will bring about the destruction of the planet

Now that the alarmists are shaking their heads at the logic listed above, let me clarify something for you. Please do conserve where possible, don’t be wasteful and inefficient. Let’s find reasonable methods to conserve and preserve our environment that also don’t make me feel like I need to revert to Stone Age style living.

I am tired of GLOBAL WARMING having taking up all the air about the environment. Clean air, clean water, reduce chemical pollution, and basic health should all be the focus.

Start by exploiting our geothermal resources for electricity since it is a clean, renewable, baseload source for the grid. Second, use more of our natural gas since it is significantly cleaner than other hydrocarbon sources, meaning lower in carbon and nearly zero sulfur and mercury emissions . Third, let’s stop with the sky-is-falling tactics and take a rational approach to living balanced lives with concern for others and the environment in which we live.

So go enjoy your food, walk or ride your bicycle when possible, plant a food garden, speak loudly with your wallet, and remember that humans are not all that bad.


Bieber’s Fans Need To Calm Down

Check out actor James Franco spoofing Justin Bieber here on YouTube.

Hilarious and isn’t copying/spoofing the ultimate form of flattery? Seriously?

So why are Justin Bieber’s tween fans so upset? Good for James Franco having a little fun. BTW, this is the first time I ever heard this song, so Mr. Bieber should be supporting these efforts.

Remember Weird Al Jankovic? Forward thinking artists always blessed his parodies as they knew it was the best form of promotion rather than fight it.

I say to Justin Bieber’s fans, settle down, take a deep breath, have a sip of water, and get on with your day.