Beware The Engineered Salmon

Photo Credit:Ben & Jerry's
Photo Credit:Ben & Jerry’s

Now that genetically engineered salmon are about to be approved by the FDA, how will you know if you are eating GE fish?

I have been warning you for a long time about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and Genetically Engineered (GE) food. Watch out for AquAdvantage salmon. The Los Angeles Times is reporting the FDA is near approval.

With all of the precautions they are putting in place to make sure these salmon don’t destroy natural stocks, killer bees and the failure of the safety precautions come to my mind.

I even discussed with a geneticist recently the whole idea of GMO, the world in which he works. A GMO geneticist proclaimed his opposition to GE animals and fish to me in private conversation. A geneticist who makes a living genetically engineering produce thinks this is a terrible idea.

What about you?

Lying And Misleading Petitions Online

Feel like misleading people? Want to get people to join your side? Start a petition online!

Just as bad as the hoaxes are that have spread around the Internet for years, think Nigerian money wire, the latest appears to be petitions online and they flow steadily on the social media sites.

Just last summer I debunked one of these lying petitions with an article called, “Contrary to Hyped Reports, the Navy Isn’t Out To Kill Whales and Dolphins

And now we have the latest, “Don’t Charge Pregnant Woman With Child Endangerment!

Catchy isn’t it? Makes you want to click the link and sign the petition. According to the detail: Maria Guerra was driving alone when she crashed her car. She is charged with a DUI and child endangerment because she is four months pregnant. Tennessee law includes a “viable fetus” as a victim. However, the minimum of the age of the fetus is 24 weeks old, which is 5.5 months, and Guerra is only four months pregnant.

How dare they, those evil police and prosecutors?!? Until you actually dig in and find the truth and reality of the situation. The Internet is powerful when we bother to use it for fact checking.

According to free, national arrest record database Who’s Arrested, the bail amount listed in the petition is wrong, the picture used in the petition is misleading, Maria was driving without a license, was driving recklessly, and was intoxicated just not to the legal limit.

It is likely that prosecutors will throw out DUI – child endangerment charge because, as the petition actually gets right, the unborn fetus is not old enough to meet the legal requirement.

But why should I petition for this woman? Drinking and driving, drinking enough to impair her driving while pregnant, driving illegally without a license, et cetera. I see plenty of reasons not to petition for her. That is for her family to do and not the rest of us.

And again, why is this an Internet petition?

President Obama Did This

Genesis Communications NetworkPresident Obama issued 23 executive orders regarding firearm laws. Is he acting in an unprecedented manner or not?

Did you hear about the major cyberattack called ‘Red October’? Sounds like a great hollywood thriller to see at the theater. Except it is real…

Were the big pharmaceutical firms the beneficiary of millions of dollars in Texas or the researchers intending to save lives?

A new bombshell about glyphosate (Roundup) and genetically engineered crops.

Plus your phone calls and so much more.

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Hey Rachel, Is This Really A Republican Problem?


When did the Electoral College become a partisan issue?

We all know that Rachel Maddow is liberal and that is her prerogative, fine. What I have an issue with is her show’s blatant partisan painting of what, at its heart, is an issue that needs addressing.

Her show’s blog screams a scary headline at us, “If you can’t win elections, rig them.” Whoa! Rigging elections is serious business and a serious charge.

If Republicans are rigging elections, give me a pitchfork and torch! I will gladly join in the prosecution, except that isn’t the case at all.

Republicans in five states: Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Ohio, are trying to change electoral vote allocation from winner takes all to proportional. That means if there are ten electoral votes to be had and the Democratic candidate got 50% of the vote, the Republican candidate received 40% of the vote, and an independent was favored by 10% of the voters, the Democrat would get five electoral votes, the Republican four electoral votes, and the independent one. In those states today, the Democrat would get all ten electoral votes.

Keep in mind that two states have had a long-standing proportional allocation of electoral votes, Nebraska and Maine. Is she blaming Republicans for those states’ long standing method?

Plus we should abolish the Electoral College anyway and have a popular vote. The reasons for the Electoral College no longer apply since we don’t ride horses from New York to Connecticut anymore. The founding fathers were concerned about candidates spending all their time in New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia and wanted to encourage campaigning in the smaller states too.

According to the National Archives: “The Electoral College is a process, not a place. The founding fathers established it in the Constitution as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens.”

I am tired of presidential candidates spending all of their time in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Ohio because of their perceived importance for Electoral College votes. The biggest states, California, Texas, and New York, are completely ignored since they are sure-wins for candidates.

It is high time for a constitutional amendment abolishing the Electoral College entirely and putting in place a popular vote for president. And Rachel Maddow needs to see the light of how her partisan approach to this issue obfuscates the truth at hand.


Great Fun On KSCO Presents

Kim Docter Luke
Kim Docter Luke

I was joined today by Kim Luke who is the MC for the Santa Cruz Warriors, voice of the Santa Cruz Derby Girls, and co-host of GTV, discussing Manti Te’o, Lance Armstrong, and then joined by Brad Kava to discuss his needle exchange expose on Patch, followed by gun control and drug policy. Listen again or share with friends online or download at


Scary Surfing

Half Moon Bay surfer Ian Banner. Credit Brian Overfelt
Half Moon Bay surfer Ian Banner. Credit Brian Overfelt

Scary surfing! 60 foot waves! The Mavericks big-wave surfing contest is on for this Sunday. Should make for fun videos and hopefully the media stand is further back this year so it doesn’t get swamped by a rogue wave.

Santa Cruz County Implements Moratorium On Gun Shops

SC BoS Public Hearing
Overflow Crowd

Yesterday I attended the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors public comment hearing on a moratorium for new gun/ammunition stores. This is a very heated topic in light of the recent series of high profile shootings and the public let their voice be heard. However, it is clear in the final 5 to 0 vote in favor of the moratorium that the Supes had their minds made up beforehand.

Yes, indeed there wasn’t a thought put into the public hearing. If there was any influence by the public whatsoever, at least one supervisor would have voted against the moratorium. I counted 117 people in attendance at one moment and over half the speakers were passionately against the moratorium.

I discussed this topic as host of KSCO Presents yesterday on air with surprise callers and a guest. Listen online or download from the podcast site right HERE