Veterinarian Dr Jody Bearman On Homeopathy

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Veterinarian Dr. Jody Bearman joins my KGO 810 radio show every Friday at 1:15pm Pacific Time to discuss all things pets. A topic that comes up regularly, and is apparently quite controversial, is homeopathy. Dr. Jody wrote this to help explain, clarify, and spread the word.


By finding the remedy that is the “same” as the disease the individual animal already has, allows the body to heal itself from chronic or acute disease. “Same” in this case means the unique things that make that animal different from other animals with the problem, such as liking to be touched where they are sore, or hiding when ill, or better with the application of heat, or greenish discharges, or the problem only happens at midnight every 2 weeks, or anything that is different or unusual.

Some animals don’t have unique signs of disease, which can make determining their remedy more challenging. As you can tell from the above, the conventional diagnosis is not necessarily helpful in treating an animal homeopathically(although it can be useful), but close observation and reporting is very helpful.

Once a remedy is given, the body slowly and gradually heals itself of chronic disease, and can rapidly heal acute disease, such as shock, even more quickly than conventional medicine in many cases. After homeopathic treatment, the life force of the animal becomes stronger, which makes the animal more resistant to any disease, and allows them to heal more quickly even from injuries. 


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Dr. Jody Bearman, DVM, CVA, CVCH, CVSMT graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BS in Bacteriology and from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine with a DVM in 1992. She worked in small town mixed practice (horses, farm animals, small animals) then small animal and exotic practice using Western medicine for 16 years.

Wanting to help animals that couldn’t be diagnosed or treated with Western medicine and those that developed severe side effects from Western medicine, she took the Chi Institute for Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine mixed animal course and became a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist in 2005. She is also a certified Veterinary Chinese Herbalist and practices tui-na (Chinese massage and physical therapy) and food therapy and was now a lab instructor at the Chi Institute-the first of it’s kind outside of China. She became certified in veterinary spinal manipulation therapy at The Healing Oasis Wellness Center in May 2014, is a member of the College of Animal Chiropractors, completed the Pitcairn Institute for Veterinary Homeopathy course, published papers in The American Journal of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy journal, and the Integrative Veterinary Care Journal.

She is excited every day to help animals heal and stay healthy. She works with many animals – horses, dogs, cats, goats, birds, sheep, cows, rodents, reptiles, rabbits and more.