Greatest Surprise Today In-Studio

After interviewing Supervisor Bruce McPherson today (click HERE to take a listen), I had a special surprise brought into the studio by Rosie, a new surfboard! They strung me along until after the show to tell me the truth that a listener, Lester, brought the board in this morning. Thank you LESTER!

These are the shots I took while broadcasting on-air.

IMG_0234 IMG_0233

Missing Interviews

LDPDid you catch my interview with Lou Diamond Phillips? Capitola Police Chief Rudy Escalante? Listen to the show online or mp3 download by clicking here

WNEWOr how about Nancy Lyons interviewing me on 99.1 FM WNEW in Washington D.C.? Click HERE

I also had the pleasure of being on the Glen Biegel show on KBYR AM 700, Anchorage, AK again this week!




Amazing Big Wave Surfing Footage

I still have never surfed in my life, but I appreciate nearly any sport when the best in the world get together.

The Mavericks Invitational big wave surfing spectacular was recently held in Half Moon Bay, California. The predictions were for up to 60 foot waves this year! Those size waves weren’t realized but some spectacular surfing still took place.

Take a look at the amazing footage from champion Peter Mel’s board, it is absolutely breathtaking.