President Obama Did This

Genesis Communications NetworkPresident Obama issued 23 executive orders regarding firearm laws. Is he acting in an unprecedented manner or not?

Did you hear about the major cyberattack called ‘Red October’? Sounds like a great hollywood thriller to see at the theater. Except it is real…

Were the big pharmaceutical firms the beneficiary of millions of dollars in Texas or the researchers intending to save lives?

A new bombshell about glyphosate (Roundup) and genetically engineered crops.

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Scary Surfing

Half Moon Bay surfer Ian Banner. Credit Brian Overfelt
Half Moon Bay surfer Ian Banner. Credit Brian Overfelt

Scary surfing! 60 foot waves! The Mavericks big-wave surfing contest is on for this Sunday. Should make for fun videos and hopefully the media stand is further back this year so it doesn’t get swamped by a rogue wave.

B-List Actor Bid For Tully’s Wins

Photo Credit:Associated Press
Photo Credit:Associated Press

From The Los Angeles Times:
““I’m thrilled that we prevailed,” Dempsey said in a statement. “From Day One, we have been focused on saving jobs, keeping Tully’s independent and infusing new life and enthusiasm into the company.””

Well good for his company Global Baristas. The bigger question is whether or not they can successfully resuscitate the bankrupt coffee chain. And what does playing a doctor on television have to do with corporate, retail chain know how? The golden halo from McDreamy will fade very quickly.

Did the bankruptcy court rule correctly that his company’s $1.5 million lower bid than the Starbucks and AgriNuture combined bid will be better? At least we know Starbucks knows how to run a coffee chain. A very successfully one at that.

Best of luck to Mr. Dempsey in reviving Tully’s. A competitive marketplace benefits us the consumers. But running a coffee chain may be more difficult than winning over a casting director.

Will a new drink be call McDreamy, Grey’s, Anatomy or a combination of the three?

MacWorld Misunderstands Marketplace

MacWorld’s piece, “Office for iOS may be coming, but does it really matter?” completely misses the point. Whether or not the writer, John Moltz, loves iWork is moot to a competitive marketplace.

What a strange thought, doesn’t competition generally make for better, cheaper products? I, for one, see Microsoft going after Apple via new products as win/win for me! Religious zealotry for a brand is illogical. Aren’t computers logical?

If the author doesn’t like a friendly, easy-to-use interface and would rather hack his way through writing, as he says in his article, why does he think that works for everyone else? Foolish computer industry, isolated thinking that fails in the marketplace.

“I’m not claiming that office applications are going to die out—that would be a stupid argument to make. But I do find them to be an anachronism. Mobile platforms and the Web have taught us the flip side of that old saw: If you hate something, let it go. If it doesn’t come back, good riddance.”