Conscious Uncoupling


This Friday, March 28th, will be my farewell show on KSCO Presents. The decision was a difficult one, but after recently taking on new projects with Cumulus San Francisco including a new show on the legendary KGO alongside gigs at KSFO, growing and maintaining the nationally syndicated Ethan Bearman Show (still heard Sundays on KOMY/KSCO and elsewhere), and myriad other projects, this step is a necessary change.

The honor has been mine to serve the loyal audience of the nationally recognized, locally owned, KSCO. Owner Michael Zwerling, program director Rosemary Chalmers, general manager Michael Olson, and everyone else at the family known as KSCO and KOMY have been absolutely wonderful to work with. Every minute has been a joy, and I am extremely grateful for all of the friendships and memories made.

Keep listening and sharing your experiences with me!

9 thoughts on “Conscious Uncoupling

  1. Totally enjoyed listening to your incredible analysis on important issues and thoughtful regard to the listeners.

  2. All the best to you and your family. You have the potential to “reset” the Talk Show medium that is largely gone today. You entertain, motivate and educate. That’s rare today.

  3. Sad for myself and for Santa Cruz but not surprised. Ethan, you have a big voice and a big heart, and you speak from it eloquently, representing many of us out here (yes, even in Santa Cruz!). Thank you and best wishes!

  4. Ethan, You sir are going to be greatly missed. You have had our backs and have spoken honestly and consistently current events & changes that need to be made in SC… By bringing the good, the bad and the ugly to the airwaves. There will be a void where and when we tuned in. Always excited to hear what your topic of the day was….you had our full and undivided attention. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors… Please don’t forget us. Happy Trails, Regina

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