Ethan Explains Curated News Problems

Ethan Explains Curated News Problems

The Internet was supposed to let information be free for everyone to access and review. That has turned out not to necessarily be the case since we want others to do the work for us: curated news.

So now we have human bias entering in new ways where we thought we were getting news. See the Facebook trending scandal, the Twitter censorship issues, and my story in the video about Apple News.

Many supposed news sites I see people link to on social media are not news sites, but biased blogs to get you to think or see things a very specific way. As a liberal do you link to Think Progress, Raw Story, or Occupy Democrats. If you are conservative are you always linking to World News Daily, Young Conservatives, or Breitbart? Try reading other points of view and occasionally go to actual news sources for news, not just places with an axe to grind for political points.

Where do you turn for news and why are you limiting yourself to sites that confirm your bias? All news is curated news in some form, but too many today have a purpose in their bias.

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