Ethan Explains TSA Problems

Ethan Explains TSA Problems

You’ll want to watch this video to the end for a surprise!
Did you like to be legally groped at the airport by people? How about by who apparently can’t be fired because of their union while not demonstrably stopping terrorists, failing audits of their security process, and all in the name of security for $7.55 billion per year?

While I understand we need airport security, the hastily assembled Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is emblematic of the problem with government scrambling to assuage the fears of a traumatized public. Granted like most professions and agencies the majority of the workers are doing their best to do the job at hand. But, like we see too often the bad apples are not thrown out and the administration is never held to account.

The TSA does like to tout how many weapons have been stopped from going on-board an aircraft while never tying those verboten items with an actual or intended terrorist. Furthermore, like almost every government agency not fulfilling public expectations, they claim to review structure and processes yet everything requires a bunch more money from you and me,

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