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I joined Tucker Carlson Tonight again on February 15, 2018. In light of the horrific terror attack/mass murder in Parkland, FL yesterday, what should we as a society do to address this problem?

I argue a combination of addressing mental health and common sense solutions. Plus, get the National Guard at every school until we can resolve the issue.

Here is a little clip:

And the full segment:

2 thoughts on “FNC Tucker Carlson Gun Control Mental Health

  1. In my opinion, this topic on guns, and the people who use them to kill others have deeper roots. Changing laws to remove certain guns are bandaids. There is a real problem with this country’s family values. There are families that are dealing with mental illnesses, learning disabilities, and physical or emotional abuse. When these families have no way of getting help, or its ignored by the proper authorities this is what happens in some of these cases that make the news. We have broken systems in all areas and it goes up to the very top of of our government. It starts with our schools, our mental health facilities, our local family courts system, and the states way of handeling the health and human services of these families. When you put bandaids on all of these areas of problems for these families or ignore them, this is the ugliness that blooms. If we take all the guns away, we still have broken kids that turn into broken adults in a broken system and they will find another way to do harm.

  2. According to NAMI (the national institute of mental illness) most people with mental illness are not violent. 95 to the 97 percent of the mentally ill are not violent. In fact other countries have mental illness but don’t have mass shootings how do you explain that. I have depression anxiety and adhd two of the same illnesses the shooter had. Plus I have access to guns. yet you don;t see me shooting up schools. I am #Notyourscapegoat. Please look at what the statistics say before saying things like this. Stigma harms and could cause people not to get help.

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