Four Years of Hard Work

Most of you don’t know that the last 4 years I’ve been attending the #1 evening law program in the west at Loyola Law School. Graduation was Sunday, May 19, 2019.

I climbed the steepest ⛰ of my life.

None of this was possible without the love, the support, the guidance of my out-of-this-world wife, my partner, my soulmate, my greatest supporter & inspiration, my love, Amy. Without her I would’ve never thought I could go to law school. I wouldn’t have taken the LSAT. We wouldn’t have moved to Los Angeles. I wouldn’t have started this difficult climb of going to evening law school. I wouldn’t have been able to study and take my exams. Thank you, My Love.

Further, my children were part of all of this. They knew why their papa was gone so many nights and Sundays. Why I needed to miss certain events for class or exams. They were always supportive and even cheered me on. I hope when they are older they’ll notice the example I set with hard work and dedication to improve my life and our lives.

Also, the professors and fellow students in the evening program deserve great credit. Professors had to put up with my enjoyment of the Socratic method, dedicate evenings to share their astounding wealth of knowledge, and commit themselves to our success. My fellow evening students, I’m in awe. They came from diverse backgrounds, worked their butts off, and unlike many law school traditions we all worked together, helped each other, and supported one another through this grueling and rewarding process.

Additionally, I’d also like to thank all of my other friends, family, and everyone else who were incredibly supportive through this process.

Finally, I’d like to thank God (the Universe, or whomever or whatever you might call a higher power) for blessing me with all of the above and the strength to make it through.

On to the bar exam!

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  1. Busting with pride but not all all surprised at my brilliant, determined, cousin! Huge accolades to my cousin Amy and my sweet little cousins who are the real inspiration! MAZEL TOV!

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