Fox Business Network Stuart Varney appearance December 23 2015


I had the honor and pleasure of joining Stuart Varney’s Varney & Co. show on Fox Business Network, Wednesday, December 23, 2015.

I discussed Southern California Gas Company’s Aliso Canyon natural gas leak near the Porter Ranch development and the missing environmental guru Governor Jerry Brown. The story has been on-going since the leak started on October 23rd, at one of the largest natural gas reservoirs in the western United States. SoCalGas estimates the relief well will not be complete for another 3 to 4 months and in the meantime, the equivalent of an extra 7,000 cars have been put on the road in relation to the greenhouse gas emissions.

2 thoughts on “Fox Business Network Stuart Varney appearance December 23 2015

  1. This is a case in point where the enviro whack jobs are asleep at the switch! There are PLENTY of common sense things that cane be done to favor a better environment but they ignore them and focus on the nutty issues – hey how bought the gas company throw every available man/woman/and equipment and this and fix it NOW!

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