How Does Your State Rank for Murder, Mental Health, Unemployment – Infographic

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Credit: Top Masters in Healthcare

Click on your state and then click the categories at the top to see the various rankings. How does your state rank?

3 thoughts on “How Does Your State Rank for Murder, Mental Health, Unemployment – Infographic

  1. The data doesnt seem right at least by what the news reports state, murder rates for example, you would think MI, & IL would be higher then CA

    1. It is based on ratio of numbers of people which is directly relative to land mass. The overriding thing is liberal interpretation of law. Where law is seen as relative and individual – there will absolutely be more crime because there is absolutely nothing absolute for a liberal. (absolutely)

      BTW the news? Isn’t anymore. The news is bias. DO not watch media news if you want truth. Rely on what you can verify or what is over time shown to be true about the enemedia. They are aligned with those who would that you saw the government as correct, not the law, and certainly not constitutional law. Its called PC, or federalism and it is disguised via a debtor economy that fools people into believing that evil itself is a misnomer.
      And the government is 100% correct and not evil because evil is just something those evil Christians do to be spoil sports.

  2. Invariably – the more liberal the state, the more crime. It’s absolutely intrinsic.
    Same thing applies to any demographic. The more liberal a city, the more crime. Period.
    Liberalism takes us away from truth which is intrinsic to law. It drives towards political correctness which is in essence the death of truth because if one man’s truth is as good as the next man’s, then truth ceases to exist and laws become 100% meaningless.

    This is where we are headed. At the behest of government.

    Why at the behest of government? :

    What IS political correctness? Think about the words: political: government. Correctness: Truth. PC is government truth!

    Now think about THAT in reference to what both Bush senior and Bush junior told us: “You are either with us or you are against us”.
    (when referencing the new world order)

    Now. Who is it that has become a theocracy? Christians or the government. Who would that their correctness (truth) is law, in spite of constitutional law.

    Becomes evident that it is now law they want to dominate, it is Christian law they want to oust and Biblical law is intrinsic to the constitution. THAT is what the feds are after.

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