Is He That Crazy?

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  • North Korea: crazy or calculated cunning?
  • New bird flu spreading and killing
  • EPA fast tracks bee killing pesticides
  • Interview with Homer Townsend, Executive Director of Paralyzed Veterans of America
  • Former Enron CEO Skilling getting a shorter sentence

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One thought on “Is He That Crazy?

  1. Hi Ethan – A bit more about Santa Cruz History – andy
    (I apologize for being so nervous today.)
    Mexico throws Spain out and realizing California riches begins to create a system of mission/churches protected by Mexican garrisons begining in Southern Most California moving north along the coast. Think of it, California’s agricultural climate and soil,redwood lumber that grows close to coastal ports/bays, and gold ore. The icing on the cake was a Mexican Explorer who came upon an Ohlone Indian Tribe living in the San Jose Mountains. They told the explorer of a powerful rock that caused people who bathed itn pools to die horribly. The rock was cinnabar 75% mercuray 25% sulfur.The largest mercury mine in the US is in the San Jose Mnts.. By this time President Garfield knows of CA. gold, and in order to further back the dollar the Mexican American war evolves. Mexico looses. However, by this time the massive rancharoes claimed by the traditional Mexican families make up Branciforte and the Santa Cruz Coast. Most land is “sold” to the American using fraudulent practices. After the early Ohlone Indian Rebellion at Holy Cross Church that left six workers dead the Ohlone presence fades and they are religated to low paid working class. Wilder “bought” the ranch from such a Mexican Family then married the daughter. He also attemted a gold mine located behind the West entrance of UCSC – he mined 57onces of gold and closed the mine.(Dangerous Verticle shafts still exist in this area.) One last interesting tid bit: Retired Mexican Royalty first sailed up the San Lorenzo and landed at Branciforte. They eventually ran short of water and wanting a mission sailed back down the San Lorenzo to first build the Holy Cross Mission by the river, two years in a row the river flooded. The Priest then moved the mission to its current location on the Santa Cruz platue, the city followed. Much later they built down below in the S.C. flat lands. In the 1950″s the down town is again flooded. This allows many citizens to purchase down town real estate very cheap. The city, state, and army engineers make the river safe. Real estate is again rebuilt in Santa Cruz, only to await the 1989 Earthquake. Pretty cool huh?! Take Care,

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