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– Is it a shutdown if the government isn’t actualy shutdown?
– Interview with Governor Jesse Ventura about his latest book, “They Killed Our President “, running in 2016, and more

Jesse Ventura
Jesse Ventura

– Terrorism in Africa is addressed
– Interview with actor, producer, director, and writer Matthew Modine about his appumentary for the iPad and the Carmel Art & Film Festival

Matthew Modine
Matthew Modine

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One thought on “Jesse and Matthew, What Now

  1. Hi Ethan – enjoying your show in Santa Cruz. We moved here from Phoenix a few months ago, and I like listening while in the car. You mentioned about a week ago about Creative Destruction, and you were having trouble remembering the economist’s name. I’m sure you remembered by now that it is Joseph Schumpeter. I also enjoyed hearing that you are a student of Austrian Economics – I’m an Austrian Economist, receiving a Master’s Degree from Dr. Hans Sennholz, who was one of Dr. Ludwig von Mises’ five Ph.D students back in the day. I worked in D.C. for a decade with/for various think-tanks, and wrote a book called “What Has Government Done To Our Healthcare” in 1992 for The Cato Institute (under my former name, Terree P. Wasley).

    Again, enjoy the show, and if you ever want to talk to another Austrian send me an email!

    Terree P. Summer

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