Latest Talker’s Piece Published Today

TalkersTalkers magazine has published my latest industry piece today! And check out the glowing introduction – “One of the brightest young news/talk hosts on the rise today, Ethan Bearman of KSCO, Santa Cruz and Genesis Communications Network shares the story of his recent adventure in simple-yet-effective remote broadcasting in which he conveniently packed a bag of all the gear necessary to capture an interview with a Times of London reporter under the tightest of security restrictions at the Houses of Parliament in London to get an international perspective on the American presidential election.”

A Talk Show Host Nerd’s Adventure in Expedient Remote Broadcasting

What happens when you mix a nerd and talk radio broadcaster who loves politics and current events?
During the presidential election last fall I saw many posts on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs all over the web sharing international opinions regarding our vote. And I thought, “How do I tap into that information in a manner that is different from everybody else?”
Go to where those opinions are originating.

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