Nationally Syndicated Radio Personality Ethan Bearman to Guest Host KSFO Talk Show

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Syndicated radio host Ethan Bearman, whose captivating radio interviews and commentary are featured on radio stations throughout California, will guest host the 9am to noon PT radio slot on San Francisco’s KSFO on Monday, January 13 and Tuesday, January 14, it was announced today.

KSFO, owned by Cumulus Media Networks and one of the nation’s most prominent radio talk stations, is broadcast from San Francisco at 560AM and can be heard both throughout Northern California and globally online.

Ethan Bearman is a writer and talk show host of the nationally syndicated Ethan Bearman Show. He also hosts Tech Talk with Ethan BearmanKSCO Presents (broadcast from noon to 2pm PT in Santa Cruz, CA) and co-hosts Cultural Weekly Radio. For more information, see Ethan Bearman’s website at:

Scarsdale Media
Kevin McAfee, 512-524-0517

One thought on “Nationally Syndicated Radio Personality Ethan Bearman to Guest Host KSFO Talk Show

  1. Hello Ethan (Mr. Bearmn). Adam Miller relayed your message to me concerning gubernatorial candidate, Robert Newman. He indicated you felt Mr. Newman was “too much on the fringe”. Not knowing the definition of this – and knowing your hectic schedule, I would very much appreciate a phone call from you explaining your position on this. Many, many, years ago, I too had a radio show (WABC-NY) “Tanya’s Spot). My most memorable interview was with John Sachs, one of the editors of Esquire Magazine. He had followed a group of soldiers from training, to war, and to back home. His comments were eye opening. Although I found radio to be invigorating, I decided to become a teacher and help the disadvantaged and disillusioned youth of Newark, New Jersey. (It was a time of great racial tension and disparity) My phone is (916) 475-9504. With best regards, Tanya Walker, Ph.D (I really like your show and feel you are opening the eyes of the people of California on many issues)

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