CNN International – Budget Impasse and Immigration Tough Talk

I was back on CNN International Newsroom LA late Wednesday night, January 17, 2018. Host John Vause discussed the budget impasse facing Congress, which party will take the blame, and how a border wall plays into all of it. Joining me were fellow panelists David Siders, senior political reporter for Politico, and Lanhee Chen, research fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

Watch the segment below and let me know your thoughts!

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CNN International – Is Trump Racist?

CNN International Newsroom LA invited me on Monday night, January 15, 2018. We discussed President Trump’s allegedly made deeply offensive remarks outrageous statements during a meeting with Congressional leaders where he a about the African continent and Haiti. Host Isha Sesay is from Sierra Leone (in Africa) and had some choice words for my fellow panelist, California Republican National Committeeman Shawn Steel.

I also, as an individual American, apologized to Africa for the offensive remarks.

Take a look at the segment below!

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HLN – Carol Costello – Oprah and Trump 25th Amendment

I joined Carol Costello on CNN’s HLN on January 8th for the first time. I went up against conservative commentator Ben Ferguson to discuss Oprah’s potential presidential run and all the 25th Amendment removal of President Trump talk floating around.

Take a look at this short clip from the appearance and let me know what you think.

FNC Tucker Carlson Vanity Fair Apology

I joined Tucker Carlson Tonight again Thursday night, December 28, 2017, on Fox News! Guest host Brian Kilmeade grilled me over Vanity Fair’s apology for their Hillary Clinton end of year humor video suggesting Secretary Clinton find hobbies and not run again.

I say Vanity Fair made a smart business decision apologizing. Some of their subscribers were angry, and it is easy to apology to make peace. We want more peace, right?

I had a mic drop completion going after President Business, er Trump. Why is he attacking the American business Vanity Fair instead of focusing on the Russia, Turkey, Iran situation in the Middle East?

Take a look at the clip below and share your thoughts!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!

From my family to yours: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

May this holiday season plant the seeds of peace. May your journey lead you to love yourself and others. And may your year lead you to joy, health, and success!

And may God* bless you and your loved ones!

*or no God, or gods, or however you believe.

P.S. Please don’t just remember those less fortunate than you. Actions speak louder than words. Give love, give time, give food, give shelter, and give money to worthy causes.

FNC Tucker Carlson Palm Springs Racist Trees

Screenshot Tucker Carlson 12-21-2017

I joined Tucker Carlson Tonight again Thursday night, December 21, 2017, on Fox News! Tucker wanted to mockingly revisit the story of trees allegedly planted for racist reasons along a golf course in Palm Springs, California.

My argument is focused on racist origins (the neighborhood came about because Palm Springs engaged in ethnic housing cleansing), the fire hazard of tamarisk trees, and the waste of the water in drought ravaged California.

Take a look at the clip below and share your thoughts!

Another Day, Another Mass Murder

Another day, another horrific mass murder. This time apparently in a predominantly white Baptist church just outside San Antonio, Texas.

So many questions, so much pain.

First, condolences to the victims’ families. Prayers for a speedy and full recovery for all who are injured. Peace to those traumatized by this attack.

Although, I heard something today on Fox News. Eric Shawn, while covering this senseless mayhem, said something on air around 4:15pm Eastern time that caught my attention. He said something along the lines of: Is this what America has come to, that we have to have a law allowing a conceal and carry person at every church to help protect those worshipping?

Now, I have tremendous respect for Mr. Shawn and enjoy when he is on air. But that statement is a perfect example of what is wrong with humanity, particularly in our country, even more in rural communities.

Mr. Shawn, for as long as I can remember, every Jewish congregation of more than 50 people has had to hire armed security. You know, your fellow Americans who are of the Jewish faith, not of the Christian faith. Some of whom you might even mistake for Christians, what with their blond hair, blue eyes, and all.

Every high holy day service my bag is searched like at the airport. Every Sabbath I nod to the guard who checks everyone entering. Every time I pick my son up from Hebrew school, they check my car to make sure I don’t have malicious intent upon entering the school grounds.

I am sad that my white Christian brothers and sisters are going to be initiated to this harsh reality. Notice that I didn’t say my black Christian brothers and sisters. They’ve seen their churches attacked for decades, if not centuries.

I remember as an early teenager attending Yom Kippur services on a sunny, chilly, fall day with my dad. He knew one of the off-duty officers protecting our synagogue and saying hello. This is the reality for Jews in America. And black people. And Muslims. And many more.

There is nothing more tragic than the realization that the world is not a safe place, even in your house of worship. There are people who mean harm. There are people with great evil in their hearts.

I am sorry for white Christian America that apparently you are not being spared.

What I do pray for is that we can come together for peace. That we will understand that we all have fears, some real some perceived.

Now more than ever, when our friend, neighbor, or stranger, expresses concern, we must listen first. We must reach out human-to-human. We must actually make an effort to understand.

I pray that love rules first. That we will no longer angrily dismiss another’s concern.

Maybe, just maybe, my white Christian friends will no longer ignore or downplay the real fears of their fellow Americans who happen to be Jewish, Muslim, black, brown, or any other “Other.”

Out of tragedy, the wonderful heart of humanity can step forth. I believe in the core values of all the great faiths, our country, and many who wish to lead.

Now is the time for us to connect our thoughts with those values, and turn our thoughts into words and action.

Today is the day we must acknowledge our sicknesses based on fear. Today we must connect with one other through love and not violence.

FNC Tucker Carlson California Elder Abuse HIV Spread

I joined Tucker Carlson Tonight again last night on Fox News! Tucker wanted to tie two separate new California state laws into one topic: SB219 and SB239.

One adds intentional and repeated use of names/pronouns for a person in a state licensed nursing home to the definition of elder abuse. Elder abuse is the physical or psychological harm of an elder, BTW.

The other reduces the charge for not informing a sex partner that you knowingly have HIV from a felony to a misdemeanor (up to 6 months in jail per charge). This stems from prison overcrowding, medical advances, and if someone dies homicide charges still are available.

What do you think?


FNC Judge Jeanine Pirro Uranium One

Thanks to Fox News​ and Judge Jeanine Pirro​ for having me on last night. Larry Elder​ and I debated the latest round of allegations regarding President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with the sale of Uranium One to a Russian owned company.

Take a listen to my rebuttal to the Judge’s 6 minute opening statement and let me know what you think.

This video is Judge Pirro’s opening statement:

Judge Jeanine: Obama and the Clintons sold us out

Our uranium went out and, with it, the security of our nation.



FNC Tucker Carlson Colin Kaepernick NFL Protests

By now you know how much I enjoy debating with Tucker Carlson on his Fox News Tucker Carlson Tonight show. Last night he invited me on again to discuss the NFL players protest and specifically Colin Kaepernick.

Interestingly there is no Constitutional right to exercise the First Amendment at work. However, as long as the players coordinate their activity, they are likely protected under labor law.

This is about 1/5 the conversation with key points that the network tweeted out.

What do you think?