Proof We Need Analog Systems As Backup

I strongly advocate that we have the strongest, best equipped, and most well trained military in the world as the best defense through deterrence. Boeing in conjunction with the U.S. Air Force have really pushed the envelope in defeating electronics with this impressive new CHAMP system.

This system also demonstrates the strong need for businesses and individuals alike to have analog and non-electric systems as backup to primary electronic systems. For example, the Russians recently made a move toward old school typewriters for security purposes, but those same typewriters also demonstrate a possible backup system.

Hopefully our military, with their sizable budget, have not only hardened systems against these type of attacks, but continue to teach and use non-electronic systems like the sextant for navigating at sea.

What do you and your company have in case of electronic failure? If our government has this type of weapon, our adversaries which include terrorists likely have Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) systems available for use against us.