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One thought on “Regimes

  1. Hi: I avoid S.Cruz cuz Im scared to death of the downtown bums. Yeah – bums. Been living in B.Creek for 26 yrs. I was running a creek cleanup & had to go to the S.Cruz cookie co. for snacks. When I parked, there were 8-10 “bums” right in front of my car. Immediate panic. Needed those cookies. Will sacrifice for the creek cleanup, right? So, stand tall (Im 5 feet tall), walk with authority, take no prisoners attitude. One guy looks me over and says to the other “bums” – “move aside and let the lady pass”. Nobody hit me up for food or $$$$. They were respectful. I was amazed. Nothing good ever happens to me in S.Cruz. Still shaking my head at that one. Blew me away!

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