Santa Cruz County California Social Services Spending

There has been a significant amount of discussion in Santa Cruz, California regarding homeless services, planning, and budgets. It is important that we all understand the amount of money going in to social services for a county of ~267,000 people (source U.S. Census Bureau).

This is a brief, and likely incomplete, list of social services organizations serving Santa Cruz County or city. The total budget is $119,743,921 for the organizations listed.

Take a look at the spreadsheet download and view the breakdown list with source information.

Social Services Spending Santa Cruz County 2012

3 thoughts on “Santa Cruz County California Social Services Spending

  1. Ethan, is there any way the numbers can be obtained to find out the breakdown for each entity of their costs, especially salaries, overhead, and actual services?

      1. Thanks. I have a feeling we might be surprised where all of those dollars are allocated.

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