Ethan Explains 9/11 Commercialization

It was fifteen years ago that we were viciously attacked by homicidal, Islamic trivialists. They are hell-bent on destroying our way of life and killed over 3,000 people that day. We must never forget that day and its meaning.

Now, I am one who doesn’t normally complain about commercialization. However, this year it appears some retailers are trying to turn 9/11 into Memorial Day or Labor Day with sales. Those attempts are wrong, gross, and vile.

These are just a couple of examples. There is a Wal-Mart in Florida stacked their Coke products like the twin towers for a sale, a mattress store in San Antonio stacked mattresses like the twin towers in their two for one sale, and I’m sure there are others.

9/11 is a somber holiday to remember those lost, why we were attacked, and why we must remain the beacon of liberty is NOT the day to commercialize. Don’t you think?

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EDIT 9/9/16 10:33 PDT – If you are wondering about the word “trivialists”: Pastor Rene Schlaepfer from Twin Lakes Church used that term on my KGO 810 show in reference to religious “extremists”. He said they aren’t extremists, they are trivialists because they focus on trivia in the religious texts, not the big picture message of love.

Ethan on FNC Election HQ ISIS Jihad during DNC

Ethan on Fox News Channel Election Headquarters ISIS Jihad during DNC

I joined Fox News America’s Election HQ in the early hours of July 27, 2016. The topic was the Democrats not talking about national security and the terror threat during the convention in Philadelphia thus far. I said that we need to prevent the moving story of Lauren Manning on 9/11/2001 and how then Senator Hillary Clinton came to visit her in the hospital.

We need to recognize and directly address that the jihadis are busy attacking Israel, Germany, France, and the USA with machetes, axes, bombs, and trucks.

All while Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson is busy calling Israeli Jews “termites” enabling the jihadis in their quest to kill by dehumanizing, and the lack of censure from the party for his heinous remarks. Also, the Democrats used to side with the Jews and Israel and now side with pro-terror groups on US college campuses leading to an increase in attacks on Jewish students right here in the USA.

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Ethan Explains Saudi Arabia 9/11 Money April 18, 2016

Saudi Arabia is threatening to sell off $750 billion in U.S. Treasuries should Congress pass a bill allowing US citizens to sue the Saudi government for allegedly being behind 9/11. What does this mean?

According to The Daily Mail, “Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir…purportedly informed the lawmakers during a trip to Washington that Saudi Arabia would be forced to sell a huge chunk of American financial assets on the world market, fearing the legislation could become law and U.S. courts would then freeze the assets.”

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I Will Never Forget September 11, 2001

Larry Bruce /
Larry Bruce /

That terrible day in 2001 shattered the innocence for many of my generation, Gen X. We had really never seen war and we sure had never believed something like this could happen on U.S. soil.

I was driving to work in Minneapolis that fateful morning, radio tuned in to KQRS 92.5 FM listening to the banter. Suddenly they interrupted the light-hearted discussion with news that an airplane had hit one of the twin towers. The host Tom Barnard, or maybe Terri Traen suggested it was a small, private aircraft.

Shortly thereafter the second plane hit and everyone knew that something very serious was happening.

At work, I couldn’t think of anything but getting more information on what was happening. All of the news websites were entirely overwhelmed and not responsive. Nobody had good information, were 100,000 people in the towers or 10,000? How bad was it really?

A television was wheeled out into the lunch room. I was done working, no way to focus. Fear, anger, concern, and a complete lack of knowledge made work an impossibility.

The Pentagon was hit. The Pentagon, how was that possible?

Are we going to start shooting commercial airplanes out of the sky?

Then the towers fell.

Tears came streaming down everyone’s faces. Terror. The deaths of untold numbers of our fellow humans, Americans, and more. How could this happen to us? How could our government let this happen to us?

With whom are we at war?!?

I left work to prepare to leave the city in case there was another attack. I wasn’t going to wait around and have a plane hit the Mall of America, just miles from where I lived.

The look of the sky that night with no contrails (or chemtrails), the silence under the landing path at Minneapolis/St. Paul International airport, was beautiful in its own way as the fear and determination of the day set in.

I will never forget what those people did to us that day. The heroes fighting to save lives in New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania. Their bravery will not be forgotten. The wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters whose lives were viciously taken that day, will live forever in my memory.

What do you recall about September 11, 2001? How will you remember?