Ethan Explains Antibiotic Health Crisis

Ethan Explains Antibiotic Health Crisis

Popping pills whenever you don’t feel well, having unprotected sex, and eating antibiotic laced foods have become a health crisis. No really, doctors are running out of antibiotic drugs for addressing multiple bacterial infections with potentially dire outcomes for you and me. We are in the midst of an antibiotic health crisis.

First of all, taking antibiotics went you don’t feel well without knowing if it is a bacterial infection is leading to significant antibiotic resistance as the bacteria rapidly develop immunity.

Second, your hedonistic unprotected sex with multiple partners has now created an antibiotic resistant gonorrhea. Gross.

Third, our food supply is being jammed with antibiotics which passes through to us, creating more antibiotic resistance.

Stop popping pills, or expecting your doctor to prescribe antibiotic pills without knowing why you are sick. Stop having unprotected sex, period. And start buying organic and demanding that your food not be flooded with antibiotics.

We can make a difference in this health crisis. Only use antibiotics when necessary.

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Ethan Explains Antibiotic Health Crisis

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There isn’t just a Super Bowl this Sunday. There is a Super Ethan Bearman Show!

I will interview Rula Jebreal, an Italo-Palestinian journalist, novelist, screenwriter, and commentator on MSNBC. We will have a startling discussion on Middle East peace.

Also joining me on the show is John Van Name, Senior Environmental Planner for the United States Navy Pacific Fleet. Remember my exposé on the Navy’s use of SONAR  not killing thousands of whales and dolphins? Hear the latest on that saga.

The latest contradiction regarding antibiotic use.

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