Ethan Explains VP Debate

Ethan Explains VP Debate

Tonight is the one and only Vice-Presidential debate. In the right corner wearing red will be Gov. Mike Pence from Indiana. In the left corner wearing blue will be Sen. Tim Kaine from Virginia.

This is being billed as the substantive debate between two men who have served in both executive and legislative branches. But does substantive mean boring? Or will they make sure to attack the opposing presidential candidate?

It likely will be boring without Gov. Bill Weld from Massachusetts on the Libertarian ticket to mix things up. In order to attract more viewers and present additional ideas to us, he should have been included. Just like Gov. Gary Johnson should be at the presidential debates.

I predict we’ll see a drop from over 80 million viewers for the first presidential debate to around 10 million viewers for this VP debate.

What do you think?

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