Ethan Explains America Invades Cuba

Ethan Explains America Invades Cuba

President Obama ended the embargo of Cuba and now JetBlue has started regularly scheduled flights. I remember seeing glamorous pictures of Havana from the 1950s and always wanted to go, but couldn’t because of the nearly world-ending, Cold War Era Cuban Missile Crisis.

Whether you agreed with the ending of the embargo, now we can go, Still no freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, or releasing political prisoners. You know, basic platforms of United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Since the President didn’t directly negotiate for change in Cuba will a flood of American tourists create the change that so many seek?

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President Obama’s Hypocrisy on Trade and Freedom


Time for Congress to stop selling out the American people and the time has come for all of us to finally recognize that President Obama really does not support Israel.

The vile, anti-American, Constitution-undermining, Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill passed and has been signed by the President (check out chapter 8 of my new book to learn more). Not only that, the President and his administration are openly refusing to support the pro-Israel language (another problem with legislation is mixing topics), which essentially blocks the anti-Israel, Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction (BDS) movement. In other words, the President likes the corrupt TPA but not the part that supports Israel.

Who says the President hasn’t thrown Israel under the bus every chance he gets?

The one country in the Middle East that allows practicing one’s religion, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, women’s rights, children’s rights, LGBT rights, and an open economic system. Israel is the one country the President doesn’t support. He’ll go out of his way to work with theocratically genocidal Iran, to open borders and normalize relations with oppressive Communist regimes like Cuba who harbor fugitive cop-killers, and supported the pro-Sharia anti-everyone else Muslim Brotherhood Egypt, but he won’t support the one country who shares our concepts of universal human rights.

I grant that the disputed territories are disputed and international law is unclear because of the way Israel won the territory in the 1967 war with Jordan (legal), but didn’t formally annex the territory (puts it in unclear legal area).

But that means the President should continuously kow-tow to the anti-Israel groups? It should not.

And the weak-kneed Congress ever focused on funding their re-election campaigns handed over their constitutional authority to authorize foreign deals with a two-thirds vote.

For shame.