Democratic Debate Debate and Lightning Round

The Des Moines Register/CNN Debate happened the other night in Iowa.

Harmeet Dhillon and I debated who won and what mattered. Later in the show we had a Lightning Round with Virginia’s governor saying no guns where a big gun rally was happening, the new San Francisco DA canned 7 top prosecutors, and Michael Avenatti is in serious trouble.

From Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream on Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

Ethan on FNC Election HQ ISIS Jihad during DNC

Ethan on Fox News Channel Election Headquarters ISIS Jihad during DNC

I joined Fox News America’s Election HQ in the early hours of July 27, 2016. The topic was the Democrats not talking about national security and the terror threat during the convention in Philadelphia thus far. I said that we need to prevent the moving story of Lauren Manning on 9/11/2001 and how then Senator Hillary Clinton came to visit her in the hospital.

We need to recognize and directly address that the jihadis are busy attacking Israel, Germany, France, and the USA with machetes, axes, bombs, and trucks.

All while Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson is busy calling Israeli Jews “termites” enabling the jihadis in their quest to kill by dehumanizing, and the lack of censure from the party for his heinous remarks. Also, the Democrats used to side with the Jews and Israel and now side with pro-terror groups on US college campuses leading to an increase in attacks on Jewish students right here in the USA.

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Ethan Explains 1st Night DNC Fact Check

The first night of the DNC convention in Philadelphia, PA is done. The fact checkers at PolitiFact have had time to review and are saying the Democrats (and Republicans commenting) made true or mostly true statements, except Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. This might be a first that the politicians all said mostly true things.

And First Lady Of The United States, Michelle Obama, gave a stirring and emotional speech, the best of the day by far. She has a future in either politics or speechmaking, or both like the Clintons.

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Ethan Explains DNC Email Scandal

Ethan Explains DNC Email Scandal

Did you realize House of Cards was a documentary? Now we have the Democratic National Committee email scandal to add to the “reality” list.

WikiLeaks published the emails that suspected Russian hacker Guccifer 2.0 scraped from the Democratic National Committee and the implications are huge. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz has already announced her resignation with Hillary Rodham Clinton announcing that Rep. Schultz is hired for her campaign.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz herself called Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver a “damn liar”, the DNC coordinated spying on the Sanders campaign, the DNC conspired to use Senator Sanders’ religion against him, and on and on.

I am curious what federal election laws were broken, if any. And if there were any other applicable fraud and misrepresentation that applies for DNC donors.

What Next

The Republican Party is in disarray because a Democrat, New York billionaire with little understanding of the Constitution while exhibiting xenophobic and autocratic tendencies is their nominee for President.

The Democratic Party is in disarray because the head of the party rigged the primary for a Wall Street bought, House of Cards inspiring, national security secrets revealing candidate who is so rich from “speaking fees” she can’t possibly relate to the average American as their nominee.

Are you ready to empower a third party candidate and break the broken duopoly or do you think it better to keep what we have going?

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Ethan on Fox News Election HQ 6/8/2016

Hillary Clinton wrapped up the Democratic Party nomination on Tuesday, June 7th and gave a presidential victory speech in Brooklyn, New York. Heather Nauert anchors Fox News Channel’s Election HQ on this late Tuesday night appearance and Jehmu Greene argues for the Hillary camp. I point out the uphill battle she faces to win over the electorate.

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