Ethan Explains First Impressions 5/2/16

How you present yourself to the world matters. People judge based on appearance/first impression. What first impressions are you presenting to the world?

From Leonard Mlodinow in Psychology Today “How We Are Judged by Our Appearance

We all know that looks matter. 
What most of us don’t understand is just how much looks matter, and how difficult it is for us to ignore a person’s appearance when making a social judgment. 
I’m not talking just about romantic relationships, I’m talking about all our human interactions. 
And by appearance, I’m not speaking simply of the “beauty,” dimension, but also of many other qualities of one’s appearance.
As I wrote in a recent Op Ed piece for the New York Times, recent research suggests that we may need to adopt a more cynical attitude. 
It turns out that a candidate’s appearance — not beauty, but a look of competence — can generate a significant vote swing. 
Furthermore, this effect is not only powerful but also subliminal. 
Few of us realize that appearance determines our vote, yet for a significant number of us, it may.

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Ethan Explains High Heels 4/25/16


My Millenial baristas knew very little of Prince (may he rest in peace) but asked about his high heels. So I share a little story about my experience in high heels and admiration of women who choose to wear them.

From CBS Los Angeles:

Prince also set fashion trends as the prince of style.
The jackets, pants, the ensembles. And the shoes.
Since the beginning of the 80s, the shoes were designed and made on Sunset Boulevard — at Andre No. 1.
The owner told Paige that nearly all of Prince’s 3,000 pairs of shoes are identical — with the exception of color.
Each pair had to match the fabric and color of the clothes he was wearing.
“The only thing he would change about his shoes were either it would be a wood heel or the same material would cover the heel or he would have a Lucite heel that flashes lights,” said Gary Kazanchyan.
“He wanted the shoes to be as light as possible and also as durable as possible because you never know when hes going to start doing splits,” said Kazanchyan.
That’s why the brace was made of stainless steel — it’s light and strong.

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Rodents Take Over The Fashion World

Barney's New York Nutria Fur Backpack


A Barney’s mailer arrived for my wife today and inside was this funky looking backpack of leather and fur. Take a closer look at what kind of fur in the lower left corner above the style number: nutria fur.

Nutria. Giant water rodents. Say that out loud, giant water rodents. Giant rodents are now the source of fur for high fashion? What?!? Next thing you’ll start hearing about cockroach farms, oh right they do that in China.

National Geographic says this about nutria “Nutria are large, web-footed rodents… (also called coypu) are varied eaters… live in large colonies, reproducing prolifically.” Great, two foot tall rodents reproducing prolifically, just what we need.

In Louisiana, nutria are such a problem tearing up the state they even have a bounty on the critters. And how about a cajun style nutria recipe, delicious no?

I guess if the darn rodents are destroying everything, why not destroy them and put their fur to good use. Although won’t PETA throw blood at you for wearing rodent fur?

Look, I understand if there is a desperate attempt to reduce rodents the by-product might as well get put to use, although you won’t catch me eating these things. But the fur in this haute couture bag at Barney’s is imported from Argentina! What, isn’t Louisiana nutria good enough for Marni, the company making the bag?

The least we could do is help our cajun friends before helping the flailing Argentine economy.

Would you pay $2,070 for a rodent bag?

Credit: José Reynaldo da Fonseca
Credit: José Reynaldo da Fonseca