Global Warming!


“Where Did Global Warming Go?” was the headline yesterday in the New York Times Sunday Review section I received in my driveway. The writer, Elisabeth Rosenthal, and her editors berate the people of the United States for letting this topic fade from top-level urgency as they think it should receive. The old line about other countries taking action and the U.S. not leading was thrown around. The writer claims that since President Obama took office, who promised strong action and leadership on this issue, evidence for climate change has solidified.

So why is the USA not doing more?

The writer is correct in that climate change has strong evidence that it is occurring and has occurred. The implication that humans are responsible and that the evidence that humans are the cause has absolutely not solidified since the 2008 presidential race.

I have written articles letting my readers know that CERN in Europe has shown that cosmic rays are likely responsible for 50-100% of warming in the past century, that the weather on the sun can cause large movements of the temperature on Earth, and that I suspect the large chemical polluters of using this anthropogenic warming issue as a red herring to move the focus away from the pollution that poisons us and our environment.

This bizarre siren call that keeps coming from the majority of the press baffles me. They want to use science as their claim but they ignore that computer models are simply educated guesses. Yet they ignore very strong scientific evidence, like the study at CERN, and choose to continue saying that people are bad.

Why do they insist that people are bad? Do they believe in eugenics? Do they want us to live in the dark ages? Or is it that they have a vested interest in companies that stand to benefit from “green” energy? The correct answer is to follow the money, it can be the only explanation for the lack of concern regarding pollution.

The Sun Affects Our Weather

Image credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Image credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

As I have written before here, the current global climate change debate has it all wrong.

For all that we pollute, and I agree we need to clean up our polluting ways, the planet we live on and the solar system we live in make a much bigger difference than we ever will. Just a couple of days ago NASA scientists came out and said the weather on our sun is entering a pattern that will cool the earth. If you recall from history class there was a mini Ice Age recorded in Europe from 1645 to 1715 called the Maunder Minimum which was due to the sun entering a quiet period. Also, occurrences like volcanic eruptions change our weather. Remember Mount Pinatubo in 1991? That one volcanic explosion reduced temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere approximately one degree Fahrenheit.

Sending fear into the population over reducing CO2 emissions to neutral is foolish. That change would require a complete alteration of all of our lives to actually accomplish along with potentially trillions of dollars. One change in solar cycles or a series of volcanic eruptions would alter any of our measly human efforts.

How about we invest in a Manhatten Project for alternative energy, particularly storage of variable energy like wind and solar?