Heavy Hundred 2015 and Good Times Best Of Awards


2015 Good Times Best of Santa Cruz

I am truly humbled with two great honors awarded today, March 25, 2015!

TALKERS has again bestowed me with #96 on The Talkers Magazine 2015 Heavy Hundred for my work on Cumulus Media’s KSFO in San Francisco, California and my syndicated show on the Genesis Communications Network. Thank you!

I haven’t been on the air locally in Santa Cruz since March of 2014, yet my loyal and active listeners voted for me enough to receive runner-up in the Good Times Best of Santa Cruz 2015 Best Radio Personality in Santa Cruz County! Thank you!!!

You are wonderful fans, I thank you for the awards!

Good Times Santa Cruz Covers the Needle Exchange Survey


Good Times Santa Cruz writer Joel Hersch wrote a column called, “Moving The Needle” centered around my unofficial Santa Cruz County Needle Exchange Survey.

“On July 26, Capitola resident and nationally syndicated radio host Ethan Bearman, whose program “The Ethan Bearman Show” is based at KSCO in Santa Cruz, released the results of an online survey he conducted to gauge community opinions on the local needle exchange. Bearman describes the needle exchange controversy as a lightening rod issue for the community. Last year, many began voicing their outrage at finding syringes in public spaces, in some case on sidewalks outside their homes, and generally where they or their children could step on them.

Over the course of 10 days, Bearman got 558 responses—517 from Santa Cruz County locals—and although he acknowledges that it’s not a large enough sample size to reliably reflect opinions among the county’s approximate population of 266,000, he believes it can serve to provoke discussion.

“Ultimately,” Bearman says, “what drove me to do this survey was the disconnect that I heard between county supervisors and HSA representatives and what I was hearing from my callers and the people in my day-to-day interactions.”

He does not believe that local officials are taking community opinions about needle exchanges into account, and hopes the survey gets their attention.”

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Published in the Santa Cruz Good Times

Santa Cruz Good TimesCheck out my latest piece, “Political Parties and Post Partisan Politics” at the Santa Cruz Good Times!

Have you ever felt like our politicians in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. are never getting anything done? It’s gridlock baby and it’s our own fault.

There is a deep-seated human need to identify with a group and see other groups as the enemy. We haven’t evolved much from the Stone Age. It’s one of the reasons sports are so popular—I have my team to cheer for and everybody else is the opposition to be defeated.

The duopoly that we call our political system today with the Democrats and Republicans fits cleanly into this deep psychological need that we have. Sadly, it has devolved into something akin to sport or even warfare. And the Internet, with the anonymity of attacks, has sharpened the edge of the divide.

Every one of you shaking your head that it is only the other side that acts that way needs to bring your head back into the delightfully warm sunlight (while dodging the chemtrails) and realize that your side—whatever it may be—engages in this counterproductive behavior too.

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