FNC Happening Now Media and Trump

Today I joined host Jon Scott on Fox News Channel Happening Now to discuss Sean Hannity‘s attack on the media last night. Is the media ignoring the red states and unfairly handling President Trump? I share my thoughts here and share your thoughts with me below.

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Examiner.com Publishes Profile

Ethan Bearman


A very flattering article appeared on examiner.com today in  article by Robert Janis titled, “Ethan Bearman – Geek to talk show host

“When we think of a talk show host perhaps Johnny Carson, Bill Moyers, or Charlie Rose come to mind. Carson is the consummate entertainer and Moyers and Rose are the perfect journalists who offer tough questions to get meaningful insight. Not many people would consider an IT consultant as a talk show host. Perhaps you should.”

Continue reading the article here – http://www.examiner.com/article/ethan-bearman-geek-to-talk-show-host

Latest Talker’s Piece Published Today

TalkersTalkers magazine has published my latest industry piece today! And check out the glowing introduction – “One of the brightest young news/talk hosts on the rise today, Ethan Bearman of KSCO, Santa Cruz and Genesis Communications Network shares the story of his recent adventure in simple-yet-effective remote broadcasting in which he conveniently packed a bag of all the gear necessary to capture an interview with a Times of London reporter under the tightest of security restrictions at the Houses of Parliament in London to get an international perspective on the American presidential election.”

A Talk Show Host Nerd’s Adventure in Expedient Remote Broadcasting

What happens when you mix a nerd and talk radio broadcaster who loves politics and current events?
During the presidential election last fall I saw many posts on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs all over the web sharing international opinions regarding our vote. And I thought, “How do I tap into that information in a manner that is different from everybody else?”
Go to where those opinions are originating.

Click the link to read the rest of the article.