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As rockets continue to fly from Gaza, I leave for Israel on Monday, July 28th in the pursuit of knowledge to share with pictures, video, and audio for radio shows. This trip will entail interviews with government officials, military, civilians, and more.

I will be reporting back to numerous radio stations and shows live in the United States, sharing thoughts and photos on this blog, publishing videos on YouTube, and playing interviews on my radio shows upon my return.

A wonderful group called America’s Voices in Israel is helping to coordinate interviews, studio time, and visits around the country including the fence with Gaza.

But, all of this requires financial resources, and this is where I need your help!

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Contributions of $100 will receive public acknowledgement on this website’s postings from Israel.

Contributions of $500 or more will receive public acknowledgement in videos I produce and on my nationally syndicated Ethan Bearman Show.

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