Ethan Explains Hillary Health

Ethan Explains Hillary Health

According to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton’s physician, she has pneumonia. This announcement came hours after she disappeared from the 9/11 memorial event in New York City.

The only reason we know about this is a private citizen captured video that none of the press corps bothered to film. The video appears to show her passing out as she is supported by Secret Service personnel and moved into a van.

None of this would be as big of a deal if her entire campaign wasn’t one of secrecy and obfuscation. Now it is a much bigger deal than it might have been if she would be forthright and honest in her dealings with We The People.

Further, with her millions of dollars available it appears she doesn’t have someone helping her get exercise five days per week, as evidenced by her weight gain. One need only look at her pictures from the 1990s and compare them to today to see how much she has gained. And even more, where is the nutritionist to ensure she eats nutrient dense foods at every meal and cut out the simple carbohydrates? Proper diet and exercise would help her body cope with the massive stress of a presidential campaign and her incredible schedule.

Not that diet and exercise will prevent pneumonia, which kills over 53,000 people per year according to the CDC. But they sure help to keep the immune system stronger and a healthy person generally makes for a quicker recovery.

I do wish Secretary Clinton a full and speedy recovery.

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