The Slowdown Is Over, Time To Spend Freely


As I argued on air many times, this stupid government slowdown was stupid. People furloughed still get paid (see page 10). The taxpayer will now pay for work NOT received. Absolutely asinine why the Republicans thought this was the right approach when disagreeing with PPACA. Plus the whole approach of an end-around legislation is bad for our already malfunctioning government in Washington, D.C.

Read the full text of the Senate Resolution HERE

And then there is the pork stuffed into this bill (see page 13, section 123, page 20 section 176, etc.). How in the world can the people supposedly serving us see this as the time to tack on extra spending?!? I am outraged at the hubris of those in Washington who see fit to spend more at this moment. Debate the merits of the extra spending, don’t hide it away in this bill.

Anyone else getting tired of this style of politics from the people in Washington?