Don’t Steal In Iran

Iran Finger Amputation Machine
Thief About To Lose A Finger

Never wanting to lose a chance to combine the 21st century with the 7th century, the Islamic Republic of Iran has developed a machine for chopping off the finger of a thief.

And I thought the guillotine was the ultimate cutting device. My imagination just doesn’t stretch far enough in how many ways to barbarically punish people.

The photo above is from an official press release in Iran (there are more disturbing photos HERE) regarding this thief and adulterer. In addition to losing a finger, he received 99 lashes with a whip.

More disturbing trends from a country where apostasy (conversion from Islam) is a crime, stoning is enshrined in law and lashings are required for women judged “immodest.” Yet, the United Nations elected Iran to a four-year seat on the Commission on Women’s Rights.

Let this be a reminder to us in the West the dangers of a theocracy.