Fox News Red Eye with Tom Shillue February 13, 2016


Fox News Red Eye with Tom Shillue February 13, 2016

New York City was a cold, but welcome place yet again on February 13, 2016! I had a great time chatting with host Tom Shillue, Joanne Nosuchinsky, comedian Justy Dodge, The Daily Beast Washington Bureau Editor Will Rahn, and of course Andy Levy on Fox News Red Eye about:

  • Kanye West and his odd Twitter feud with Taylor Swift
  • Kanye and his odd demands of models in his show
  • Senator Ted Cruz and his ad with a soft core porn actress
  • Cruz’s brilliant Office Space ad
  • Hillary Clinton’s longtime top aide Huma Abedin had an awkward moment pushing away a supporter who wanted to hug her
  • and a brand new Titanic, the Titanic II, is being built. Would you ride on it?

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The NBA is considering putting ads on players’ jerseys

Shillue: What’s more American than advertising?

NBA reportedly moving closer to putting ads on jerseys

Who are the greatest TV villains of all time?

Who are the greatest TV villains of all time?

‘Red Eye’ panel reacts to Rolling Stone’s ratings

Halftime Report: Squad goals

Halftime Report: Squad goals

TV’s Andy Levy reports from the ‘Red Eye’ newsdeck

Fox News Appearances October 2015

Who would pass up a chance to be on Fox News Channel’s The Kelly File and Red Eye with Tom Shillue? I didn’t pass and joined Megyn Kelly’s post-Republican debate group panel on October 29, 2015 and then Red Eye early on October 31st.

Here are the clips of me speaking on The Kelly File speaking post-CNBC Republican Presidential Debate:

And here is Red Eye with Tom Shillue discussing a dog shooting its owner, Jeb Bush’s problems, oversensitiviy on college campuses, certain people on the left hating that America is great, Half Time with Andy Levy, and music for cats:


Fox News red Eye with Tom Shillue September 5, 2015



I had the great pleasure of going to the Fox News Channel studios in New York City on September 5, 2015 to participate in red Eye with Tom Shillue. Joining me at the roundtable were Anthony Cumia, Remi Spencer, and Joanne Nosuchinsky. The ombudsman, Andy Levy, naturally is part of the show and anchors the Half Time segment.

I had a great time with special thanks to all of the great crew who make the show happen.

Segment 1: Donald Trump/Hugh Hewitt

Segment 2: Snapchat prank fail

Shillue: America can’t take the joke anymore

Segment 3: Half Time with Andy Levy

Halftime Report: 9/5/15

Segment 4: Ribs