Money Corrupts Politics and the Left is Possibly Worse Than The Right


The media, particularly the left, keep telling us the Koch brothers are what is destroying America with money in politics. Yet here we have a Democrat, Tom Steyer, that is singlehandedly closing the gap with a $50 million war-chest to attack Republicans. Add in the unions and the Koch brothers are small-time.

Depending on how you measure, the Koch brothers spent $39 million in the 2012 elections. Add in their extended network of businesses, friends, associates, et cetera and that number balloons to $490 million according to PolitiFact.

The unions, according to PolitiFact and The Huffington Post, spent up to $1.7 billion in the 2012 elections and lobbying.

Basic math says that 1.7 billion (union spending) is more than 490 million (entire Koch network).

According to this is the breakdown of money in 2014, and you can clearly see that money apparently corrupts Democrats more than Republicans:

Total RaisedTotal SpentCash on HandDebts
Democratic Party$409,979,764$299,203,635$84,192,958$15,847,651
Republican Party$315,899,997$264,969,148$76,147,210$1,987,309
Democratic National Cmte$91,909,513$86,534,041$10,334,717$14,125,405
Republican National Cmte$105,991,576$99,180,379$13,031,082$0
Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte$99,420,682$60,669,018$40,239,885$0
National Republican Congressional Cmte$81,706,152$52,093,966$31,146,797$0
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Cmte$74,074,362$53,662,738$22,221,584$0
National Republican Senatorial Cmte$53,146,828$40,659,255$15,868,362$0

NOTE: All the numbers in this table are for the 2014 election cycle and based on
Federal Election Commission data released on May 21, 2014.

Money is NOT speech. Corporations, unions, and non-persons should NOT be able to participate in political campaigns, only individuals.

How about we change the laws that campaign limits apply to Social Security Numbers and nobody else can donate? That is the way to protect our country from the corruption of money in politics.

Revolutionary idea, I know. Just a thought as we all deal with the frustrations of watching our country convulse under the weight of special interest money and election campaigns.