Announcing The KBYR IT Update With Ethan Bearman


Ethan Bearman

I am pleased and honored to announce the newest feature on the KBYR Morning News & Comment with Glen Biegel on AM 700 KBYR in Anchorage, Alaska, the KBYR IT Update With Ethan Bearman!

Glen and I have spoken numerous times over the past six months on his shows and his team at KBYR, special thanks to producer Michael Ortega, and I have agreed to make our conversations a regular part of the show.

Check out the first update from this morning’s show and keep up with Glen at KBYR from 6 to 9 am Alaska time on AM 700 and at

Glen Biegel KBYR AM 700


Latest Talker’s Piece Published Today

TalkersTalkers magazine has published my latest industry piece today! And check out the glowing introduction – “One of the brightest young news/talk hosts on the rise today, Ethan Bearman of KSCO, Santa Cruz and Genesis Communications Network shares the story of his recent adventure in simple-yet-effective remote broadcasting in which he conveniently packed a bag of all the gear necessary to capture an interview with a Times of London reporter under the tightest of security restrictions at the Houses of Parliament in London to get an international perspective on the American presidential election.”

A Talk Show Host Nerd’s Adventure in Expedient Remote Broadcasting

What happens when you mix a nerd and talk radio broadcaster who loves politics and current events?
During the presidential election last fall I saw many posts on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs all over the web sharing international opinions regarding our vote. And I thought, “How do I tap into that information in a manner that is different from everybody else?”
Go to where those opinions are originating.

Click the link to read the rest of the article.


Taking Over The Microphone At KSCO

KSCO AM 1080I have the pleasure of taking the reins of the microphone on Tuesdays at KSCO AM 1080 from noon to 2 p.m. Pacific Time! Listen online at

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