War, What Is It Good For

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– Syria the no-win war we need to avoid
– Interview with journalist, author, and documentary filmmaker Sebastian Junger

Sebastian Junger
Sebastian Junger

– Did the Chinese make your chicken nugget?

– Interview with entrepreneur, author, and former mayor Ryan Coonerty to discuss his newest book “The Rise Of The Naked Economy

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One thought on “War, What Is It Good For

  1. Muslims have been killing other Muslims for 1,400 years. We cannot stop that. To date, the total victimizations and deaths by terrorism and wars of Muhammadan fundamentalists total approx. 270 million, 90% of which are committed against other Muslims by Muslims. 97% of terrorism in the world today is attributed to fundamentalist Muhammadan Muslims.

    People like Sebastian Junger need to realize that most Americans have religious convictions, the very ones upon which this nation was founded and enshrined in our Constitution. These convictions in NO WAY suggest or imply we should be policing the rest of the world. (Read Exodus 20:13; Micah 6:8; Romans 12:9-21; Hebrews 10:30)

    The POTUS’ statements, and Mr. Junger’s, regarding “human dignity” are based on a specious argument. IF we are so concerned about human dignity in the United States, then how should we view the violent murders of over 50 million unborn, but viable infants over the last 40 years by abortionist butchers who dismember them, pierce their skulls with surgical instruments, vacuum out brain tissues, and even dump them in the garbage while still breathing, all in the name of Freedom of Choice?

    Attacking a sovereign nation for their misdeeds is completely out of the question, and demonstrates extremely poor judgment and virtual insanity. If the same sovereign nation attacks our nation or our military on foreign soil, that’s a whole different ball game. This has not happened with Syria.

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