While You Were Watching The Oscars

The Ethan Bearman Show


While you were wondering about how Seth Macfarlane made Tommy Lee Jones smile at the Oscars, The Ethan Bearman Show was making fellers think all across America.

Listen online or download the mp3 RIGHT HERE

Here is a little of what happened on the show:

• Sequestration
• Navy Seal who shot Osama Bin Laden is destitute and essentially abandoned by our government.
• Interview with Karen & Colin Archipley, founders of Archi’s Acres and VSAT
• Facebook, Google, Apple and nearly every large multinational corporation pays almost no corporate tax. Even though it is legal, is it ethical? How do they do it?
• A U.S. tire magnate didn’t just reject a French request, he verbally blasted them too.
• Egypt fills the Gaza smuggling tunnels with sewage. Where are the protests and flotillas?
• You thought the meteorite and asteroid were exciting, what until you hear what is coming later this year!