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Ethan BearmanDigital Journal has a nice write up on me called “Ethan Bearman transcending partisanship on talk radio, articles

Santa Cruz – Will Ethan Bearman become the next big thing in the media? News organizations are starting to take notice of the personality, who began his career in a totally different field: technology. Now he is transitioning to media and rising above rhetoric.

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  1. Hi Ethan,
    I went to the city council meeting last night regarding the attempt to better understand Santa Cruz Homelessness and the transient issues. There were an overwhelming number of homeless advocates, a handful of Take Back Santa Cruz people, and a very board police sargent patiently looking nowhere, never once giving away a smile. None of those very enthusiastic individuals even knew the Page Smith Community of 40 homeless (mostly disabled) people existed. As you have said before, they never hear about the good stuff. Anyway… The thing that astonishes me is that they had no idea about the facilities here, what is really done by the various services, etc… And we need to go outside the lot area and head towards Harvey West Park, all the while looking at the impact the milling transients have had on the nearby businesses. Santa Cruz needs to go inside the medical/counceling clinic (HPHP) and see the 30 some odd patients sitting inside. There is a dedicated staff there that handles frequent outbursts. When patients are released from psychiatric wards and they arrive in Santa Cruz on a one way bus ride,out of meds… Well if they are lucky, if the city of Santa Cruz is lucky they wander in here. Here they will give the appropriate medications and get people to the proper services. And there are the 20 percent bad eggs that take showers here, eat here, go to nearby place and sell dope, buy dope, and threaten people. In fact the homeless report given to me last night (I can get you a copy) states that, “325 people accounted for 62% of all arrests who listed 115 Coral Str. as their address that year.” 115 Coral is the mail room address here on the homeless lot, where most, but not all transients pick up their mail. So a small amount of bad people are causing a lot of problems and costing a lot of money. They know who these people are, they will be “seeing” these people again, make a city ordinance that will enable the authorities to arrest and detain them, and send them back to their birth place, or to a work camp. In order to better process these individuals we will have a vagrancy court where all of this will be determined. The city council just seemed to gloss over this information as the monotone voice read on. Unbelievable! The Take Back (very few) Crowd was so intimidated by the legion of homeless advocates that when they tip toed to the microphone all they did was squeek and mentioned something about it could be better and that they owned a business. Most saw this as victory, I saw it as failure. We who are working towards an over all solution to homelessness must talk to the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce and Take Back Santa Cruz face to face to come to terms with all of this. We’re not doing that, and we are failing to get accurate information to the public about transients, the shelter, the mentally ill, etc… Hey Ethan, like to get you a copy of the report, it has detailed info. on the demographics, etc… Go to go…

    Take Care,


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