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  • You thought Enron was in the past, now JP Morgan
  • Are the latest jobs and unemployment numbers good?
  • Boston bombers show the need for reform
  • Holder and Brownbeck spar over guns in Kansas
  • Interview with Dr. Shyla High, cardiologist and author of “Why Most Women Die

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One thought on “Your Heart

  1. Hi Ethan,

    To frac shale for oil you must first dig a hole. Typically that about 5-8 thousand feet deep. To do this they first level the area with D9 cats., there will be a rig constructed and there will be many huge diesel engines to turn a drill string that weights tens of thousands of pounds. They string consists of 9 5.8 inch casing that weighs 35-45 lbs a foot, thousands of these pieces are brought in on roads specially constructed by D9 cats. in order to bring “pipe” in along with tremendous amounts of heavy equipment. Bentonite shaving and chemicals are pumped into the casing which has a massive drill bit that drills 24/7. This mixture floats rock bit and soil up and out of the hole into a drain pond. The bit drills much faster this way. Finally, if the hole is a producer in this case, there will be a second stage, high pressure super heated water and chemicals again injected into the ground under high pressure. think about what is required to even dig the hole. I have worked in the oil fields of Texas and louisianna (sp?) and believe me a rig site destroyes everything around it. AND this is in a highly unstable geographic area. We have hundreds of faults here, two hundred miles off the coast is the subduction zones, AND Santa Cruz is one of the most unstable areas. please check at UCSC. These drilling sites are in earthquake country. What about the jobs provided by the fishing industry, the surfing industry, the tourist industry – deep water horizon proves how uncaring and stupid oil companies are… and when they make a mistake its for ever!!!

    Take Care,
    Andy Carcello
    PS Hi Ethan, hope you and your family are doing great…

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